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Sat, Jan 21, 2012
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

HELENA, MT: Occupy the Courts

January 21: Noon Rally, Capitol Building in Helena, Montana: Join Occupy Helena as Montanans Celebrate Our State Supreme Court’s Defiance of the Citizens United Ruling Montanans from around the state will converge outside of the state Capitol and Supreme Court building to celebrate the December 30, 2011 Montana Supreme Court Decision protecting Montana Elections from disproportionate Corporate influence. Many Montanans experienced a swelling of pride in the aftermath of the Montana decision. The Montana Supreme Court ruling has added new impetus to a growing nationwide grassroots movement calling on our elected representatives to overturn the Citizens United’s ruling. The State of Montana’s case documented in extensive detail the history of Montana’s 1912 Corrupt Practices Act, passed by citizen referendum in response to rampant corruption during the Copper Kings era. The Montana Supreme Court rejected the claim that the Citizens United ruling by the US Supreme Court had over-ridden the Montana law. The celebration is scheduled for noon, Saturday, January 21, 2012, the second anniversary of Citizens United, which allowed corporations to make unlimited campaign contributions, implicitly granting rights to corporations which exceed the rights of actual human citizens. Besides lacking the financial resources of large corporations, individuals are limited by law in the amounts they are allowed to contribute to political campaigns. The Rally will offer an array of ideas for moving forward to address overbearing corporate influence in the election process. The celebration will begin with speakers at the steps of the Capitol and will conclude with a one-block march to the Montana Supreme Court building. Occupy Helena, Occupy Bozeman, Occupy Butte, Reclaim Democracy, Montanans for Corporate Accountability, and other groups in attendance invite all Montanans to join in this public celebration. It will provide inspiration for winning back our Democracy.

Event Location

Capitol Building,
1301 East 6th Avenue
Helena, MT 59601
Helena, MT 59601