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Tue, May 08, 2012
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Broward County MOVE TO AMEND Pompano Beach Area

COME ONE COME ALL - JOIN THE GROUND SWELL. MOVE TO AMEND gets about one city a day passing a resolution in support of overturning the "Citizens United" decision. Money in politics is not new and the Super PACs are only part of the problem. The other part is ALEC. WHO ?? Join us as we EXPOSE ALEC and the Koch Bros. The Citizens United decision, Super Pacs and ALEC are part of an intricate web. An Constitutional Amendment to reverse the Citizens United Supreme Court's ruling will be a big step towards closing the floodgates of corruption. By taking this difficult action, we will be returning proper power to WE the People!! We have started working with two cities and need help to approach the other cities. ARE YOU ready to do your part. There are may ways to help like making calls, gathering signatures on petitions, meeting with your commissioner, using social media to get the word out, etc. If you want to help but not able to attend, send me an email with you name and city. Ilene Singer

Event Location

Herb Skolnick Community Center
800 SW 36 Avenue
Pompano Beach, FL 33063