This event is inactive
Thu, Apr 05, 2012
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

[Town/City Name] Organizing Party for an Amendment

Our activities: 1. An open letter to the City Council and the local newspaper setting out the evils of Citizens U and calling on the Council to pass a resolution in opposition. 2. We are taking that letter and a packet of additional information to each Council member (we've made appointments for two of us to meet with each member) - and have passed the packet along to the newspaper also. 3. The council has a rule that it will not consider business not directly impacting the city: so we've had to add material in both writing and in our presentation pointing out how outside money allowed by the C.U. decision could be brought in to sway elections to the council. 4. We will appear at open forum time at the upcoming council meetings to make sure that the council, the public attending and the reporters know what is going on. 5. We have asked the council to write their own resolution - all the samples are far too complex for this council to pass - embodying the major principles of the opposition moving; we have also suggested to the council that they may prefer to place the matter on the ballot in a city-wide election and let the citizens vote to oppose the court decision. 6. We will probably have a press release for the week of June 11 pointing out that the movement is broader than what we are doing in Claremont.