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Sat, Jan 19, 2013
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Toledo Rally for Money Out, Voters In!

On January 19, 2013, and the days surrounding it, join us to unite two powerful messages calling for a more just and democratic nation. First, to honor MLK Day, demand the right for everyone to vote without obstruction. Second, to protest the Citizens United ruling on its third anniversary, join the nationwide call to get big money out of politics and enact free and fair elections in America. Starting at One Government Center, then walking to the court of common pleas, close by. The rally will gather silently, at 2:00pm walk silently (carry signs if you want, cameras are fine, too), and proceed silently to the grounds of the court (observe all traffic signals, and reassemble on the side of the court facing Adams street. At 2:30pm, or as soon as people are gathered, start whispering "we are people, we have a voice" repeatedly, a little louder each time, until as loud as you're comfortable. You can bring cowbells, tambourines, cricket clickers, and other noisy objects, as long as they can't be mistaken for weapons (i.e. drums or those spinning noise makers). At 2:45, the assembled fall silent again as quickly as possible, and should disperse peacefully, or people can socialize, if they want. The signal to be quiet again will be the words "corporate dollars." Respect all properties and personhoods; and please show courtesy to all public officials, police or media that may be present, as well as to other human-citizens. If ordered/asked to disperse by police, please walk away calmly and quietly.

Event Location

One Government Center, Jackson street
Toledo, OH 43604