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Mon, Jan 21, 2013
11:30 AM - 4:00 PM

St Louis Rally for Money Out, Voters In!

On January 19, 2013, and the days surrounding it, join us to unite two powerful messages calling for a more just and democratic nation. First, to honor MLK Day, demand the right for everyone to vote without obstruction. Second, to protest the Citizens United ruling on its third anniversary, join the nationwide call to get big money out of politics and enact free and fair elections in America. Third, to march in solidarity with the North Side in this year’s Martin Luther King Day March. Reclaim St. Louis is ramping up its efforts to get justice for homeowners who have been foreclosed on by predatory banks. We will be passing out flyers and bringing signage relating to this issue. Bring your favorite bank sign! We need look no further than our own neighborhoods to see the devastation of boarded up buildings and for sale signs. According to RealtyTrac, in November of 2012 alone, 1 in every 436 homes in the St. Louis Metropolitan area, 1 in every 241 homes in the city, and 1 in every 640 in the county, received a foreclosure notice. People of color were intentionally targeted by the big banks who, through predatory practices, sought additional revenue by giving subprime mortgages and teaser rates to people with poor credit. Homeowners were not informed that these low rates would expire in two years. When their payments ballooned, homeowners struggled to pay their mortgages while banks refused to renegotiate their loans. Frequently homeowners were told the banks were working on refinancing while they simultaneously drew up the foreclosure documents and evicted the unsuspecting homeowner. We all know the banks got bailed out while homeowners got sold out and thrown out. Home foreclosure defenses have raised the level of awareness but, in most cases, have not resulted in homeowners keeping their homes. If politicians are beholden to the people, then we need to pressure our politicians to cooperate with the homeowners in their constituency and join us in our expectation for homeowner relief. It is time for our legislators to decide who it is they are working for - the banks or the people!

Event Location

The Old Courthouse, downtown Saint Louis
Saint Louis, MO 63102