Wed, Dec 31, 2014
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

McCutcheon Rapid Response Event

Come see or ACT in a hilarious street theatre performance on money in politics. Any day now, starting Feb. 25, the Supreme Court will decide on the McCutcheon case that could essentially allow a handful of the wealthiest Americans to spend as much as it takes to install their preferred candidates in office. They would be allowed to use big money to influence their favorite candidate on issues that support their own personal desires. This would make those donors more powerful than all of us 'regular' people. Bingo! The end of American election democracy as we know it! If the Court rules against it, we will do a street theatre that very same evening celebrating that the American people still have a voice. But if the Court rules in favor of the case, we will do a hilarious street theatre performance satire that very same evening on how the Monopoly Man can now buy-out America's elections. The performance will be staged from 5:15pm to 6:30pm on the day of the decision, in Huntington Station at the intersection of Jericho Tnpk (rte 25) and rte 110. Follow the news media about the McCutcheon case to find out when it will be staged, and what story line we will do! ••[ If you'd like to be part of the performance, call Warren at 631-486-4818. It's a very simple 5-minute improv skit: You, as a fair, honest politician, campaign on your favorite progressive causes, by speaking and holding up 'comic strip text bubbles' of the same words, for drivers to read from their cars. While you campaign, a wealthy selfish person, dressed as the Monopoly (game) Man/Woman, stands above you and offers you big money if you change your campaign to reflect the rich person's desires. The audience comes to realize the politician is a 'puppet' and the rich person is the puppeteer, controling the strings from above! Your spoken/printed words begin to sound like you are in support of the puppeteer. Actors will dress as the character of their choice; 'Politician' or 'rich Monopoly character'. There will be ample time for several different people taking turns to act out the 5-minute performances again and again. ]•• "One if by land, two if by sea!' If Paul Revere were with us today, he'd hop on his horse (read "motorcycle") and shout (read "text"): "THE CORPORATE MONEY IS COMING! THE CORPORATE MONEY IS COMING!" Any day the U.S. Supreme Court could issue its ruling in the case McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission. In a nutshell, if the court rules badly in McCutcheon, it would pretty much do for individuals what Citizens United did for corporations. Specifically, those who can afford to do so could directly contribute up to $3.6 million per election cycle to a single party and its candidates. Join us in a rapid response event as we hold a rally the same day as the ruling. Purpose: to encourage drivers to tell President Obama CORPORATIONS ARE NOT PEOPLE! Participants will decide exactly where in this location the effort will be most effective. Bring signs; drums, flashlight?, graphics or visuals. [Suggestion: Signs should tell drivers HOW to contact President Obama and express that CORPORATIONS ARE NOT PEOPLE! This will be a PEACEFUL street theatre action, not aggressive. Dress for the weather outdoors. We will be here until 6 or 6:30, to be decided by participants. All activist groups are welcome; anyone else also welcome. This event inspired in part by Occupy Wall Street. Ideas, resources, signs, etc:

Event Location

Intersection of Jericho Tnpk (route 25) and Rte 110
Jericho Tnpk (route 25) and Rte 110.
Huntington Station, NY 11746

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