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Starting June 30 2014, 12:00 PM
Ending December 31 2014, 07:00 PM

McCutcheon Be Seen In Green Rally At Kenneth Hahn City Hall

Los Angeles Citizens and Candidates invited to Rally and Raise Awareness together regarding the imminent U.S. Supreme Court Ruling in McCutcheon Event Is One of Many to Be Held Throughout the Country; Supreme Court Case Centers on Limits on Direct Contributions to Candidates A rally will be held to raise awareness about the U.S. Supreme Court case McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission. A ruling is expected soon. At the event, activists and candidates for office in Los Angeles are invited to wear green and come together to show that elections are not for sale to the highest bidder and Democracy in LA is fueled by people and not money. Protesters in Los Angeles, are part of a nationwide movement. Rallies and other events are scheduled to be held throughout the country in reaction to the ruling. In McCutcheon, the justices are considering whether to eliminate the limit on the total sum that people can give directly to candidates and political parties in a single election. The current overall limit for an individual making direct contributions to parties, political action committees (PACs) and federal candidates is $123,200 per two-year election cycle, but a win for the challengers in McCutcheon could allow total contributions above $7 million. The case is being heard just a few years after the highly controversial Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, in which the court gave corporations the green light to spend unlimited sums to influence elections. That decision, the biggest game-changer to date in a long-term effort by corporate interests to kill campaign finance laws, led to unprecedented spending by the wealthy and corporations in the 2010 midterm congressional elections and last year’s presidential elections. It also sparked a robust movement for a constitutional amendment to overturn the decision. Depending on how the justices rule, McCutcheon could be the next game-changer. WHEN: Tuesday, February 25 at 12 p.m. VISUALS: Where a green shirt to oppose the use of Money to buy an elected office.

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Los Angeles, CA 90012