Tell Congress: Unbundle the Abramoffs


We were serious when we asked Congress to end corruption and become more transparent.

Unfortunately, members of the House are leaving Washington before fixing the lobbying and ethics legislation. Several of the same loopholes that led to the Abramoff-era scandals are still wide open. First, there is currently no disclosure requirement for lobbyists who bundle contributions for politicians from their clients, wealthy friends and corporate cronies. Constituents have a right to know how much lawmakers are indebted to lobbyists for their campaign funds. Second, special interests are dumping truckloads of cash on fake "grassroots organizing" to sway Congress, but the public has no easy way to follow the money.

Remind Congress that they have a job to do. Send your representative some lobbyist cash and the following message to let Congress know that you haven't forgotten their promise to end the culture of corruption.

For the biggest impact, print the funny money message [pdf], add your signature and address, and fax it to your representative in the House. You can find the fax number on our Web site.

***Send us an email telling us once you take action: (subject: Funny Money Fax).

Funny Money Fax


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We also can deliver the message for you. Just add your name by clicking "Send Now!" below and we will fax or hand deliver it to your member of the House.

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