Sound Off and Get Published: Write Your Local Newspaper about Wal-Mart and the WTO

Last week, trade ministers from the 149 World Trade Organization (WTO) signatory countries met in Hong Kong for the WTO 6th Ministerial summit. As usual, the protests were massive and the talks barely survived, punting controversies back to negotiators in Geneva.

The most astonishing news out of the summit came from Public Citizen's new report that revealed a frightening corporate strategy. Wal-Mart and other retailers are lobbying for global rules in the WTO that could be used to challenge local communities' land use laws on "big box" stores!

Read our press release and download our report on Wal-Mart and the WTO.

It's critical that word gets out about this abuse of democracy at the WTO--we can't lose our most important tool to build sustainable communities. Help out by getting your viewpoint published in your local newspaper. You can send in a letter through our website by following the instructions on our website, starting below!