Tell the Presidential Candidates: We need a new model of trade and globalization!

The goal of the Iowa Fair Trade Campaign is to help empower Iowans to engage the presidential candidates on the critical issues of trade policy and globalization.

Sign our petition to the presidential hopefuls!

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Dear Presidential Hopeful,

The record is clear. World Trade Organization (WTO) and NAFTA-type deals negotiated under Fast Track destroy good paying jobs. This month, Iowa is losing over 1,000 jobs as a result of the October 26th closing of the Maytag plant in Newton, only adding to the over 3 million American jobs lost to NAFTA and the WTO.

These same trade deals bankrupt family farmers, damage the environment, fuel global climate change, feed undocumented immigration, grant special rights to foreign companies and rob us of our sovereignty. NAFTA and the WTO have led to a massive race to the bottom, where corporations scan the globe for the lowest wages, fewest environmental protection and most lax public health and safety laws.

We urge the next President of the United States to enact a new trade model and agree to a new negotiating process that not only puts trade to work for working people but also embodies the American values of fairness, equality, democracy, and the freedom to pursue the American dream. We want trade, but only if it's truly fair.


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