Take a stand against unlimited corporate money in our elections!

The Supreme Court has opened the floodgates to unlimited corporate money in politics. Here are some ideas for actions you can take to protest. Whatever you do, DO SOMETHING. And please send stories, pictures and videos of your protest to action@citizen.org.

PETITION: Sign the Free Speech for People Amendment petition to support the constitutional amendment to ensure our government fully represents the people instead of corporate interests.

POSTER: Download and print out our DON'T GET ROLLED! POSTER to display where you think people need to see the message.

EMAIL: Use our Tell a Friend and Email Congress pages to share your support for curbing corporate influence on our elections with your friends and elected officials.

STREET THEATER: Get together with your fellow activists and get creative! Stage a mock debate between a "corporate candidate" and a "people's candidate" or a race down Main Street between "candidates" covered with corporate logos (like race cars).

PICKETING: Organize other activists in your community for a traditional demonstration outside a government building or on a busy street corner.

PARTY: Invite friends over to talk about corporate influence in politics and to celebrate real democracy.

VIDEO: Upload a video to YouTube about keeping corporate money out of politics. Pretend you're a reporter for your local news, or produce a skit with some friends.

BLOG: Write a blog about the Free Speech for People Amendment on your blog and spread the word about the petition at http://www.DontGetRolled.org in the comments on your  favorite blogs!

FACEBOOK: Update your status with information about the Free Speech for People Amendment and join our Facebook fan page.

TALK RADIO: Call into your local talk radio station and use the power of the airwaves to amplify your voice!

NEWS: Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.

CORPORATE: Call the headquarters of a multinational corporation and tell them to stop trying to buy off politicians.