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Help Hold Congress Accountable at the Conventions

Protect WhistleblowersEfforts are already underway to ensure that big money doesn’t win undo influence over Congress. The Fair Elections Now Act would create a voluntary public financing system for Congressional races so candidates don’t have to rely on big donors. Candidates are signing the Voters First Pledge.

But when money can buy corporations and other big donors exclusive access to our elected officials, ordinary voters get left out of the conversation. Until the loophole that allows unlimited contributions to convention host committees is closed, elected officials attending the conventions must commit to honoring existing ethics laws and stay away from corporate sponsored parties and events.

With enough pressure from citizens, we can make sure that big money isn’t the only voice our elected officials hear at the conventions this summer.

Tell Congress to put voters first! Urge your members of Congress to stay away from big money at the conventions and honor our campaign finance and ethics laws.

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March 01, 2015


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