Florida's Public Financing System

Florida's campaign finance system provides matching funds to candidates for statewide office who voluntarily agree to limit their spending in campaigns. The system has worked well through the years, reducing the cost of campaigns and encouraging competition by creating a more level playing field when lesser known, under-funded challengers take on incumbents.

The public campaign financing system has been widely used by Democrats and Republicans alike. Former Florida Comptroller and Marine General Bob Milligan, a Republican, is one of the best examples of a relatively unknown candidate who ran a successful campaign using public financing against a well funded incumbent. "You can tell anyone that I would not have been elected in 1994 without public financing," Milligan has stated. "It was almost impossible then, and I suspect today, for a newcomer, unless they are independently wealthy, to compete on the State level without matching funds."

Our public financing system has also been endorsed by Florida's voters when they put it in the Florida Constitution in 1998 by a 64% vote. Passage of this legislation would be a step backwards for Florida and would be a victory for the wealthy special interests that seek to influence government through large campaign contributions.

Take Action! Tell you state senator to vote no on Senate Joint Resolution 956 and Senate Bill 958.