November 7, 2008

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Sign the Citizens' Whistleblower Petition Today! No Taxpayer-Backed Nuclear Reactors !
Tired of hearing about the government using taxpayer money to cover for mistakes made by big corporations? Wish you had a say in where your money is being spent? Then sign our petition urging Warren Buffett to shut down UniStar and cancel its plans to use taxpayer money to back four new nuclear reactors. If the company has its way, we'll all be on the hook if the projects fail and the company defaults. Plus, more reactors will create more radioactive waste and result in higher electricity costs. Instead, support greater energy efficiency and renewable energy programs.

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Spotlight on the Election

First Things First: Restore the Role of Citizens in Government

President-elect Obama has his work cut out for him. One of his most important tasks will be reversing the harmful erosion of democracy that occurred during the eight years of the Bush administration. The American people and the world are looking for Obama to provide leadership and give people a voice in government. Read our statement and our blog post.

From the President's Office

Public Citizen to Government, Auto Industry: Quit Dragging Feet on Critical Roof Crush StandardDo we still have the power to change Washington, D.C.?

"Change." It's become a buzzword across the nation lately. Barack Obama ran on the promise of change. But will the stranglehold that money and special interests have over Washington, D.C., stand in the way of real change? Public Citizen President Joan Claybrook recently appeared on PBS' Bill Moyers Journal with Bob Edgar, president and CEO of Common Cause, to discuss this very topic.  Watch a video clip of the program.

Public Interest Law

Public Citizen to McCain, Obama: Fix the Law to Stop Copyright Holders from Chilling Free Speech Online
In October, the Obama and McCain campaigns experienced the abusive use of intellectual property laws: The invocation of phony copyright or trademark claims to suppress their free speech. If IP owners can get away with suppressing the speech of the presidential candidates, that just shows how vulnerable the rest of us are when we use the Internet to criticize companies.Public Citizen sent letters to both President-elect Obama and Sen. John McCain urging them to support reforms that would improve the right to free speech as it applies to users who upload content using Web sites such as YouTube.

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Pennsylvania Court's Decision a Win for Free Speech!
A Pennsylvania court ruling that protects the identity behind a majority of Internet posters on a Scranton, Pa,  political Web site is a victory for the public's right to free speech. Scranton City Council President Judy Gatelli failed to get a court order that would have required the host of the site's message board to reveal the identities of posters whom she accused of defamation. In denying her request, the court supported the right to anonymous speech via the Internet.

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Public Citizen Blogs

Citizen Vox

Bush's Campaign to Undermine Consumer Rights
The Bush administration may very well have sealed its anti-consumer legacy by systematically attempting to undermine consumer protection in state courts. It has done this by planting clauses in new rules with an aim to block suits brought by people who are injured by faulty products. A Citizen Vox post discusses how the administration's efforts can undermine your safety.
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Watchdog Blog

Whistleblower Trapped in Arbitration
A recent case involving a whistleblower who spoke out against the inefficient Aetna Inc.'s internal audit department further proved the need for more whistleblower protections. Find out more about the case and Public Citizen's views regarding government actions that should be implemented to defend the rights of whistleblowers at the
Watchdog Blog.

Eyes on Trade

Public Demands Fair Trade Rules, Election Wins Show
From the presidency to both chambers of Congress, successful candidates ran on a platform of fundamental overhaul of U.S. trade and globalization policies. A new report by Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch division shows that at least 31 fair-traders replaced supporters of the NAFTA/WTO status quo in the House and Senate elections. Read the press release and learn more at
Eyes on Trade.

Texas Vox

Reprocessing Nuclear Fuel and the Catch-22 Legacy

At a time when clean and efficient means of energy has seemingly become more necessary to the future economic stability of our nation, both candidates in this year's presidential election voiced their support for nuclear reprocessing - a method in which nuclear waste can be used to generate electricity. Public Citizen's Kim Jarrett explores the potential pitfalls to the alleged "safe" method of nuclear waste reduction in her Texas Vox post.

Press Room

Congressional Report Lays to Waste Bush Administration's Pre-Emption Claims.
A report issued by a key congressional oversight committee proves that the Bush administration has left patients out in the cold while pulling out the stops to shield drug companies from liability for dangerous drugs. Public Citizen says this effort to prevent injured citizens from using the courts to hold negligent companies accountable must be stopped. Learn more.

Political Mailers by Illinois Rep. Violated Rules, Public Citizen Says.
U.S. Rep. Peter Roskam (R-Ill.) violated U.S. House of Representative rules against using taxpayer funds to pay for political mailers promoting himself within 90 days of the general election, Public Citizen is alleging. Public Citizen filed a complaint with the House Commission on Congressional Mailing Standards after Roskam apparently violated the franking rules that prohibit sending amss mailings to constituents after Aug. 6. Learn more.

Bush Administration Attempt to Block Lawsuits vs. Automakers Shows Little Regard for Consumers.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued a safety standard declaring that any manufacturer whose vehicle complies with the federal requirement of safety belts for each sitting position in the vehicle can't be sued under state law for injuries that occur in those vehicles. NHTSA's efforts are clearly to encourage courts to dismiss liability suits against automakers without regard to the deaths and injuries that their products may have caused. Learn more.

Public Citizen Health Clinic

Avandia is a Dangerous Drug

Public Citizen has petitioned the FDA to immediately ban Avandia, a drug used to treat Type 2 diabetes. Recent findings reveal that the drug can cause death by liver failure and other life-threatening effects that far outweigh the potential benefits of the drug. Fourteen cass of Avandia-induced liver failure were reported, and research shows the drug significantly increases the chance of heart attack, heart failure and even bone fractures.  Learn more.

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