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There is a fundamental flaw with elections in this country: Money.

Politicians need big bucks to run their campaigns and they often get it from wealthy donors and special interests. But nothing is free and those contributors expect paybacks in the form of earmarks, contracts, or plum government appointments. Because of this corrupting influence of money, many Americans have lost faith in politics and feel neglected by our democracy.

Additionally, ordinary citizens who want to serve in government don’t have access to money and are locked out of the system, unable to afford running for office.

There is a solution: full public financing of elections. Modeled on successful systems in Arizona, Connecticut, and Maine, the Fair Elections Now Act (FENA) would bring full public financing of elections to Congress. It would allow people to run for Congress without taking huge sums of special interest money and focus on voters and the issues. Elections would be about voters, not collecting campaign cash.

Convince your members of Congress to support the Fair Elections Now Act.

Watch a video of the press release:

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