October 15, 2008

We Can Hold Them Accountable: Bird-Dog for Fair Trade!

Bird-dogging forces candidates to take concrete positions on key issues. Click here to get started so we can get their fair trade commitment and together hold them accountable!

Dear Fair Trade Supporter,

The financial crisis has brought home the devastating results of the radical corporate deregulation that is at the core of "trade" deals like NAFTA and the WTO. Fixing this mess will require dramatic changes to the current globalization regime.

With the election only three weeks away, we need your help to discover where congressional candidates stand on critical globalization and trade issues. You can help by "bird-dogging" candidates to find out their trade positions.

Help find out where your Congressional candidates stand on fair trade!

Bird-dogging is asking thoughtful questions at public forums and getting candidates on the record about important issues they might otherwise dodge. It is easy, exciting and highly effective.

In 2006, 30 House and 7 Senate seats flipped to fair trade supporters. Since then, fair trade forces have picked up four more House seats, and polls continue to demonstrate broad opposition to the failed NAFTA/WTO model of trade agreements.

This election season, you deserve to know if candidates for federal office will continue to seek further expansions of the NAFTA/WTO model that got us into this horrifying financial meltdown, or if they will support progressive alternatives like the Trade Reform, Accountability, Development and Employment (TRADE) Act.

Learn more and contact a GTW organizer who can help get you started.

Once you take action, spread the word to your friends and allies!

Thanks for all that you do,
Global Trade Watch

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