March 6, 2009

Tell Congress to Implement Obama's Trade Reform Commitments

Urge Congress to deliver on Obama's campaign promises on trade reform!

Urge Congress to work with President Obama to deliver the new trade model he promised on the campaign trail.

Dear Fair Trade Supporter,

Last week, 54 House members wrote President Obama a letter about working together to deliver on the expansive trade reform commitments Obama made during his campaign.[1] This week, some administration officials released a very preliminary trade agenda proposal that did not fully capture Obama's trade change agenda – and even suggested that Bush's hangover NAFTA expansion deals with Panama, Colombia and Korea could be brought to Congress! More than ever, Congress needs to hear from you loud and clear that you expect a new job-creating American trade policy and a clean break from Bush's NAFTA expansion agenda.

Write your senators and House member now and urge them to help President Obama create a new trade agenda!

Only our vigilant activism can overcome the powerful special interests who want to roll back Obama's commitments to real change on trade. Next Monday, the Senate Finance Committee will hold hearings to confirm former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk as Obama's new U.S. Trade Representative. Kirk has a mixed past record on trade, but we can help make sure that he delivers the new trade agenda Obama promised us.

Raising your voice by contacting Congress today will help reinforce a terrific letter sent to Congress recently by over 350 labor, environmental, faith and family farm organizations calling for a "New Day on Trade."[2] This letter and the one sent by the powerful bloc of lawmakers sent a strong message: it's time to get to work implementing Obama's campaign trade commitments – from renegotiating NAFTA and CAFTA and creating new import safety policies to remedying the failed U.S.-China trade relationship.

Polling shows the American public is with us on major reform, but the special interests behind the old, failed trade policy are in high gear to derail change. With the public, key members of Congress and the President all committed to a new trade model, we have a huge opportunity to make sure the remaining Bush hangover Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with Panama, Colombia and South Korea are dumped for a new trade agenda based on Obama's campaign commitments. Still, corporate lobbyists continue to push Bush's NAFTA expansion agenda, so it's vital Congress hears from us now!

Tell your members of Congress to help Obama deliver his campaign promises for a new trade model.

Thanks for all that you do,
Bill Holland
Deputy Director, Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch (GTW) division

P.S. On Monday, we'll be live-blogging Obama's USTR nominee Ron Kirk's confirmation hearing. Follow all the action on our blog.

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[1] Read the full text of this letter.
[2] Read the full text of this letter (PDF).

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