July 9, 2009

TRADE Act Reintroduction Makes Twice the Splash

Thank your representative for cosponsoring the TRADE Act!

The TRADE Act was introduced last month with 106 original cosponsors – but to move this exciting initiative, more are still needed. Contact your member to urge him or her to cosponsor the TRADE Act!

Dear Fair Trade Supporter,

You did it! Last month, we told you how the introduction of the TRADE Act with a large set of original sponsors would put the more-of-the-same-on-trade crowd on notice that only a strong, specific reform agenda will gain support in Congress this year. Thanks to your help, that signal was sent loud and clear: Rep. Mike Michaud (D-Maine) reintroduced the TRADE Act for 2009 with 106 members of Congress signed on as original cosponsors – twice as many as last year's 53 original cosponsors.

Your member has not yet signed on to the TRADE Act. Click here to urge him or her to sign on as a cosponsor!

The timing could not have been more critical - the White House is trying to develop a major trade policy speech laying out the administration's agenda for President Obama to give later this summer. The TRADE Act's big-splash introduction makes clear that Congress is in line with the American public's expectation that the Obama administration deliver on the president's many campaign commitments for real trade reform. Given much of what is in the TRADE Act is just what President Obama promised, the bill provides a very useful road map forward – if we can make sure it gets more sponsors!

Doubling the number of original cosponsors on the TRADE Act – a huge accomplishment that could not have happened without your help – is only half the story. The 106 original cosponsors include many senior and influential legislators, including nine full committee chairs, 45 subcommittee chairs and the full range of Democratic caucuses and geography – delivering a call for a new trade agenda that cannot be ignored or written off as the demands of a fringe minority.

If you can get your House member signed onto the TRADE Act, you will help send a signal to the administration that only the strong, specific trade reform agenda of the TRADE Act will gain support in Congress. And we can ensure Obama's speech sounds like the ones he gave on the campaign trail, rather than the recent big-business lovefests from his U.S. Trade Representative.

Your member has not yet signed on to the TRADE Act. Click here to urge him or her to sign on as a cosponsor!

The TRADE Act delivers on the broad public expectation that Congress and the president will forge a new trade policy that creates jobs, ensures import safety and fixes past damaging agreements like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), as they have promised. This bill represents the huge opportunity we have now to remake our trade policy and dump the failed NAFTA model once and for all.

Support Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch Thanks for all that you do,
Bill Holland
Deputy Director, Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch division

P.S. To see highlights from the bill's introduction, check out some video from the press conference. For more information, visit our TRADE Act website.

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