Join other single-payer advocates and walk the halls of Congress with us!

Public Citizen invites you to participate in a critical day for all single-payer advocates!

This Wednesday, Feb. 25, Public Citizen, along with the Leadership Conference for Guaranteed Health Care, will walk the halls of Congress. We need you to help us deliver the following to every Congressional office:

- A copy of a letter to Sen. Ted Kennedy signed by more than 500 Massachusetts physicians urging him to introduce single-payer legislation in the Senate
- A copy of a letter signed by more than 40 Massachusetts labor leaders urging President Obama to support "Medicare for All"
- A copy of a report released last week by Public Citizen and Physicians for a National Health Program on the failures of the new Massachusetts health care system

We're also encouraging members of Congress and their staffs to attend the congressional forum we told you about last week, which will take place that same afternoon.

Please join us for this important day! RSVP to Katie Robbins at if you can visit Congressional offices with us. You can also call her at 220-618-6379 (mobile) or at 1-800-453-1305 (office).

You can see a map for the Walk the Halls meeting location here.

I sincerely hope you'll be able to attend and join our campaign for health care for all Americans.

We'll see you on Capitol Hill!


Thank you for all you do,
James Floyd, M.D.

Public Citizen