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Operation Accountability

$165 million. That's how much in bonuses AIG wants to dole out to its executives. Public Citizen is hard at work to speak out against this.


Public Citizen's solution

When the news broke that insurance giant AIG planned to dole out $165 million in bonuses to company executives, Public Citizen was outraged.

We immediately got to work determining how to respond. Here are our remedies:

1) A 100 percent tax on bonuses received by any individuals from a company getting bailout money

2) Assignment of government board members to any company getting bailout money that is proportional to the percentage of investment the government has in that company.

3) Prohibition on future bonuses for any company getting government bailout money in proportion to the government money invested in the company

Take Action

Tell Congress: No More Wasteful Bonuses! Tell Congress to introduce legislation that would impose a 100 percent tax on all bonuses issued by companies receiving bailout money. Learn more and take action today!

Tell AIG What You Think: On March 17, we asked our activists to email us with messages they would like to send Edward M. Liddy, AIG's CEO. The following day, we hand-delivered these responses to Liddy, the press, and others present at a House subcommittee hearing. We had a great response! You can read many of the responses we received here.

Even though the hearing is over, we still want to read your messages. If you haven't sent in your response to Liddy already, you can email us at

Spread the Word

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