Activist Messages to AIG

 “One of the reasons for ridiculous executive salaries are that they are set by their buddys on the board. Now that we're so unhappy with this wealthy clique might be a good time to reform the whole thing. When Billy Mitchell was brought up before a board because he criticized America's weak air force. A reporter asked him about the board. He replied,"Like all boards it is long, narrow and wooden." – Peter


“I would like all my tax money back from AIG and let them sink - all of the executives should be fired and fined for malfeasance. Serious criminal charges are necessary to make these people respond, and they have not fulfilled their fiduciary responsibility.” – Patrick


“You and all those in your company who are responsible for coming up with the "products" who got us into this me should not just give back your bonuses but RESIGN. Although, you don't have to commit sepuku.” – Anon.









“If its true that you have contracts with all these executives that require you to pay them such huge bonuses, I want to know how you could possible have approved contracts that require enormous bonuses to be paid regardless of performance! Clearly, their performance--which led directly to the need for such huge taxpayer bailouts--is not worthy of any bonus.” Monica


“WE ARE NOW IN THE WAKEUP Era - Corporate greed and manipulation time is over.” – Liz


“I think you stink. We bail your asses out, and you basically steal the money to line your own pockets. It's criminal.” – Maria


“Enough is enough.” – Jeff


“You have destroyed the lives of many hard working Americans. Shame on you! No more kings and queens.. let them eat cake is not going to work.” - Sandra


“People with the nerve to accept these bonuses are unlikely to be greatly affected by nasty comments. Better to let Mr. Liddy and his friends know that they are very much on the IRS' radar and that their tax returns for the past few years will be closely scrutinized. It would be surprising if some of the money couldn't be recovered, with maybe a little jail time thrown in.” – Richard


“Nationalize AIG. It is the only solution to a national crisis. Anything else rewards incompetence.” – Dave


“The actions of the executives and the people that accepted these bonuses are unconscionable. These are the very people that brought AIG to the verge of destruction. And now we give them bonuses on top of that. I believe the government should release the names, addresses, and amounts received so that all can know what slimeballs they all are. Also, the money should be returned to the government immediately. If that means the current executives at AIG take it out of their own pay and benefits – so be it. People are losing their homes, health care, and God know what else, and they have the gall to act in such a manner.” – Pauline


“You are a greedy bunch of rich people who could care less about anything but your self and your wallets!” – Judy


“AIG represents a peak player in the pyramid scheme whose collapse is now wrecking economic havoc all over the world - and placing hundreds of millions under great economic stress. "The government," that is us, the people, should nationalize AIG, disassemble it, and create the regulation needed to insure (pun intended) that no such entity ever exists again. As part of the process, the AIG executives who are most responsible for the company, and in particular the ones who are so eager for their bonuses at this time, should be taken straight to court and charged with fraud, larceny, and whatever other crimes can be attributed to them so that their wealth can be redistributed to their victims. The question i would ask them is, "Excepting the sanctity of contracts which have no ethical support in the first place, on what grounds do you presume the right to take the taxpayers money to support lifestyles that so very few can ever approach?" – Billy


“How dare your employees take bonusus for ruining a company and running it into the ground!!!!!...How dare you give them bonusus for failure of this magnitude!!!!!!” – Rich



To the company executives who have received money for bonuses… people are a disgrace to mankind. I hope you all rot in hell.” – David


“Have some integrity, give the money back, and resign.” – Anon.


“You can have your bonus or your job, not both. And if you are a former

employee of the AIG failure - no bonus for you.  Maybe a cell in the

Maddoff wing of the jail.” – Donna


“If the taxpayers didn't bail you out and save you from your utter 

failure, you would not be receiving a bonus of any kind. In fact you 

would not be employed by AIG if it were not for the US taxpayer.


You should be grateful to have a job and return your bonus. I am 

unemployed in the solar industry, which until you and the others in 

the financial industries royally screwed up, was a booming industry. 

But thanks to your failure the credit market has gone south along 

with the stock market.


I sure could use your bonus right now...” – Tom


“Even though you are contractually obligated to pay the same bonuses for 2008 performance as in 2007 (even though this "performance" was basically a failure), contracts can be renegotiated. And I believe, in this case, you owe it to the American people, who now own 80% of your company, to begin those contract renegotiations IMMEDIATELY. Anyone with any integrity would take that step.

I as a taxpayer have fulfilled my obligations by paying my taxes religiously for 40 years. Now, it's time that you lived up to your obligations to do the right thing. No one who has received a bonus of $1 million or more at your company has earned that bonus. It should be returned and distributed to those who saved the company from bankruptcy -- the American people.” - Gayle 


“Shame on you! You should be setting an example of CHANGE but some things NEVER change, do they???? Shame on YOU!” – Anon


“Cut the crap and get to work to make sure that our tax dollars are put to good use to benefit all of us, not just the greedy, ugly few. If they think business as usual is going to continue, they are dead wrong.” – Warren


“Dear Mr. Liddy; How in the hell can you look yourself in the face in the morning.” – Anon.


“Dear AIG:

As a show of good faith, FIRE all of your upper management employees and cut everyone else's salary in half (no clandestine bonuses either). That's what is happening to everyone else in the US - thanks to you and the banks! “ – Karen


“If AIG had more government control there would be less likelihood of a recurrence of the situation we all face. There should be not bailout without regulation.” – Azel


“If I had defrauded the public on a scale 1/1,000 as great as AIG's, I'd have been both fired and arrested--especially if I took the whole industry down with me. Yet AIG blithely pays enormous bonuses and schemes to keep right on stealing, using our tax dollars to fund its corporate crimes. The officers who destroyed AIG should pay for their part in wrecking the economy with their jobs, if not their freedom. And they should pay back every cent of every bonus issued with taxpayer money.

I know that won't happen. I know that in this country justice is dead, long ago sold to the highest bidder. But that's what should happen.” – Susan


“The AIG situation is simply unacceptable. The use of contract law is nonsense—illegal contracts can and should be broken; contracts that despoil the public good can and should be broken.

This particular situation epitomizes all that has gone wrong in this country and unless remedied, the impact on the economy will be enormous, and many many people’s actual survival will be threatened.” – Mary


“Dear AIG,


I am an average American.  I know that you would have had to break 

your contracts to pay bonuses if you had not received the bailout 

money.  Of course, this means that you did not have to pay the 

bonuses, and hence, your assertion is false.  I'll leave it to the 

lawyers to fix this false argument.” – Beth


“I hope private initiative can overcome the government induced failure of AIG caused by Elliot Spitzer and the resulting imprudent ouster of Hank Greenburg. Had Greenburg stayed, AIG would have never involved itself in the sub-prime mess orchestrated by former HUD Secretary Andrew Cuomo and would be viable today.” – Anon


“The greed and irresponsibility of AIG is a continuation of how corporations

have abused the American people. Our tax money should not go to bonuses to

anyone in AIG. Any money paid in this regard should be returned to our

government officials at once!” – Colleen


“Tighten the thumbscrews so tight that the money grubbing, greedy thief's

and free market charlatan scream with pain, the same pain that AIG is

now inflicting on us and then AIG comes crying, oh but we have a legal

agreement to stick too.


What a load of plain ol' crapola.


With the size of the legal department of AIG, there has to be one two

bit lawyer that could have been ordered to amend the agreement.


But no, greed is the quest of the day.” – Mitch


“I find these outrageous bonus completely wrong for even healthy companies; that is ignoring the majority of the workers who made the success for the company. Now to pass any bonus to a company’s employees that is kept alive by our tax money is beyond belief. Who the heck they think they are to take our money; we bailed them out when they could have been unemployed roaming in the streets looking for a job in this tight economy. And what’s going to be on their resumes: “a contributor to the mess we are in now”…completely outrageous and sickening. I don’t understand how these vultures can take it to this level without the people putting a stop to this. We should let them go bankrupted; a lesson to others.” – Nasser


“This is an outrage and you and your company give new meaning to the 

word "entitlement".  There is not much difference, in my book, 

between Bernie Madoff and AIG and we all know where Bernie Madoff is 

going to be spending the rest of HIS life!!!!!!!” – Bambi


“AIG executives helped with their greed and incompetence and irresponsibility to bring on the depression we're now in. Nobody needs you. You're fired. Nope, no bonuses for mischievous wastrels.” – Evalyn


“To put it succinctly, I cannot believe that you actually think you deserve a

salary, much less a bonus!!” – Terri


“Fire the execs who created the mess; do not reward them with bonuses!” – Merry Lynn


“This is very very sad!!!!!!!! I just hope that whoever you put in charge

has some common sense. Apparently this has been very lacking. I wish I had

not invested with your group, but felt like you folks were intelligent and

knew what you were doing. I will be praying that some good comes out of

this mess. I would think that instead of a bonus, you folks would want to

have a job. I suggest that you receive your bonus and then be dismissed to

try and find employment. Best of luck to us all.” – Debby


“Without the gov't bailout - there would be no AIG. Therefore those contracts would be null and void. If the gov't has to formally allow AIG to go bankrupt,and then nationalize it to avoid giving the money to the scum who brought it down, then so be it.

If not - tax the SOB's to the max!” – Tammy


“Mr. Liddy,


I join all the others who are outraged about the bonuses being given to AIG executives.


This is a perfect example of two things.  The first is corporate greed at its worst.  The second is the stupidity it takes to accept a bailout and then rewarding themselves for failure.


I have heard the excuse that if they are not well paid they will leave.  To that I say, good ridance.” – Bill


“Does anyone in your company have a conscience or are all of you completely ruthless? Do you care what happens to the rest of us? In my long life we haven’t seen anything like this.” – Irene and Guy

“To Mr. Liddy,


If you're taking taxpayer money, that means your company would fail

without it. So the only reason you're still at your job, as well as the

other big executives in your firm, is because taxpayers bailed you out.

You should cancel all bonuses and pat yourselves on the back that YOU,

unlike so many other Americans, still have JOB. That's your bonus. The

government saved your ass and the bonus is you still have a job.


Stop being so greedy. It's hard to reward your failure when the

government has to pay for it.” – Angela


“You have disgraced yourself, your family, and your country. Resign. Now.” – Alfred


“There is not a single person in your organization who deserves ANY 'bonus' or reward moneys. Not even $.01 cent!” – Rita


You ran the company into collapse so bad you needed us poor sucker taxpayers to bail you out.

You should all be fired and arrested on fraud charges for the "deals" you set up.
You all had to know the deals were worthless yet you sold them anyway.
That is fraud!!!

None of you deserve any bonuses. Federal prison is what you have earned!!!” – John


“Those swindlers who received TARP money and used it for Bonuses must be taught a lesson.
Only hitting them in the pocketbook hurts. TAX the HELL out of 'em!” – Mary Francis


“It's outrageous that individuals who clearly failed at their jobs should expect or receive bonuses. A person who completely fails at his/her job should be fired, and rightfully so. I hope the Congressmen ask Liddy why he feels he is entitled to keep his job, much less receive a bonus. The managers at AIG should feel ashamed at such an utter, colosal failure, but clearly they are incapable of such an emotion.” – Steven


“Rewarding AIG employees for taking risks, regardless of their success, 

is a large part of what led to the financial crisis that we're in 

now.  AIG employees who helped to bankrupt the company have no ethical 

right to their bonuses.  The sense of entitlement to unearned rewards 

on the part of those in positions of responsibility is feeding the 

eruption of populist anger in this country.


We, the people, now own 80% of AIG now because it was deemed too large 

for us to allow it to fail.


As a part owner of the company, I demand that the bonuses be refunded.” – Richard


“Liddy needs to resign. The government should take over AIG and break it up.” – Steve


“The right and honest move would be to cease operations, close down, sell the assets, and reimburse the taxpayers before more money is wasted on a doomed entity regardless of its ramifications.” – David


“You people are a bunch of greedy pigs with no consciences. How can you possibly justify using the money you took from the American public to give out huge bonuses to your employees when average, hard-working people are losing their jobs and their homes and suffering backruptcies? You were mainly responsible for the failure of our economy. Why should you profit from your bad mistakes and decisions? I don't care about former contracts. I don't care about your excuses. I demand that you get back that bonus money and turn it over to the government, so it can be used in a better way. If not for the bailout money, you would have gone belly up. I'm now thinking that the government should have let that happen. Sincerely disgusted, Constance” – Constance


“How dare you. In a time when people are losing money, houses and jobs can't pay for food or fuel you dare to give bonus's. Do you not have a conscious. Do the people you gave the bonuses to really need that money? Are they taking nice trips, live in expensive houses, buy expensive clothes, drive expensive cars while we all look on in desperation because from day to day we don't know if we will have a job or a home to live in or food on the table. There are people who are in dire need of help and financial support you took that from them. Give back all of it and have the government use it to feed and help families save their homes. TAKE BACK THE BONUSES AND IF IT'S A HARDSHIP FOR THEM TOOOOOO BAD SUFFER LIKE THE REST OF US. WHY SHOULD YOU BE ANY DIFFERENT. AIG WILL BE OUT OF BUSINESS SHORTLY BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU HAVE DONE AND YOU DESERVE WHATEVER HAPPENS TO YOU.” – Anon.


“Dear Mr. Liddy,

How is it that contracts for "golden parachutes" and performance bonuses cannot be canceled for executives at high levels when it is so simple to do it for any other contracted employee and have them out the door in 30 minutes----with a non-compete clause in your pocket and no bonus?


I don't know how isolated your life at the top is, but you must think we are stupid.  If your corporate representatives took chances with your resources, it caused a meltdown not a great business gain.  ALL the decision-makers who were given these powers should be fired without parachutes or bonus packages.  THAT WAS POOR PERFORMANCE!   Thinking otherwise is pure greed.  The public may be keeping your company afloat, but you'd better get more ethical leadership in response.” – Margaret


“It's time to out Barney Frank for his involvement in this.

WE know that he knew about the bonuses and the contract when he insisted on the bailout for AIG.

Why isn't this being mentioned?

Is it too close for comfort to congress and the president?

If you have a cnotract for your bonus it will have to be broken. You have ruined your company, killed your shareholders, and now it's your turn.” – Linda


“I just wanted you to know that many, many people out here in reality think of you and your bonus-swollen crony "executives" in exactly the same light as good old rip-off artist Bernie Madoff, and we would love to see you all in exactly the same circumstances as he will soon find himself in... and you can redecorate those cells as often as you like!” – Michael


“As long as we have people in roles of higher authority or higher power such as those making or

contemplating making outrageous decisions such a those currently being made by AIG, I don't see

our country ever getting out of the mess it's in. Perhaps temporarily, but it can never be sustained.

Where's the common sense?” – Tim


“In my opinion, any company that has been bailed out because it is essentially a failure has no business whatsoever issuing bonuses to any employee, particularly if that employee is culpable in the initial failure. While the rest of working class America is being penalized for someone else's bad business decisions, your company is rewarding failure on a magnitude unbelievable to the people who are stuck paying the bill. I don't care what kind of contract you do or do not have with your employees. If they don't like not receiving those bonuses, my bet is that there are thousands of unemployed Americans who would be happy to step into their jobs in a heart beat. I hope the government comes down on you in every possible way. I also hope that the government withholds any future bailout money from AIG. You deserve to go under.” – Julie


“They should give back money they have gotten from the government, no matter how much it would hurt them, cause they obviously don’t grasp the gravity of the situation.” – Ed




“I am unable to understand how AIG could give out such huge bonuses in a time when most Americans have lost more than they can afford in the last months. I have no doubt that many of your staff and employees deserve these bonuses. Now is not the time - bailout money is not the source. Please rethink your actions and know that for every dollar you 'bonus' might well represent the wallet of a client or potential client who used to trust you.” – Dru


“As a tax-payer and a retiree whose retirement savings are turning to ashes, I am infuriated by these bonuses or "retention" or whatever you want to call it. Insofar as your contract, if the contract stated that the bonuses would be paid based on what the employee produced then there should be no payment against the contract since nothing was produced but in fact the employees destroyed whatever they had their hands on. In other words, the terms of the contract had not been met by the employees.” – Judith


“support Pres. Obama in not letting AIG in getting away with paying 

their CEO's with our hard earned tax money.” – JJ


“Rewarding failure in this grandiose manner is unthinkable!

I think it is a disgrace and these bonuses should be rescinded.

Troubled insurance giant American International Group paid bonuses of $1 million or more to 73 employees, including 11 who no longer work for the company, New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo said Tuesday.” – Kenneth


“Executive bonuses are based in performance. Bonuses are not given unless a company makes a profit.

So, my question is, what are these bonuses based on? Poor performance?

I find it outrageous in this economy when people have lost jobs, took pay cuts and are having trouble paying their bills that AIG would even consider bonuses. What’s more, if AIG has this money for bonuses, where was it when they asked the government, i.e. the American people, for a bail out? And AIG still continues to ask for money.

If you have money for bonuses you can pay the American people back.” – Susan


“AIG is a sham and needs to return all the money it took under false pretenses.

The employees who ran the company into the ground should be fired and perhaps questioned, prosecuted.

Who is responsible for this fiasco? Why isn't anyone actually examining who was responsible, who signed off on bad loans and other deals?

This is truly shocking and very disappointing.

AIG should be out of business and should not be receiving one red cent.” – Kenneth


“How can you possibly think that it is OK for you to dole out/accept huge bonuses when the American people who are bailing your company out are losing their homes, jobs and everything related to this. This is obscene. We should give you money to take fabulous vacations or have this discretionary income for whatever you choose to spend it on and we should be counting every penny hoping that we survive this crisis? This is an outrage. How can you sleep at night?” – Kay


“What I think!!!

I think the same men and women who put you in the hole should be fired, not compensated. There HAVE to be better managers out there.

The NERVE of you taking money, knowing it was going to be used this way.

Those you had a contract with, now know, times have changed and they have to change with it. That's tough, it IS, but ...... it's tough for me too.” – Jean


“I want my money back and I want it now! It’s not that you the corporations don’t get it; it’s that you the corporations, frankly, don’t give a damn! I hope you all burn in hell!” – Lois


“Are any of these AIG assholes familiar with the French Revolution? If things get much worse here, we are headed in that direction.” – Andy


“How dare you continue to live in your greed. Many of us are losing our retirements and livelyhoods while

you fat cats lap up profit. It is beyond sickening. Why don't you give some of that money to all those

who are barely making it? America is fed up with all of you.” – Jackie

“Mr. Liddy,

You and your company didn't deserve any bailout money in the first place which is quite obvious seeing that you want to use it to give huge bonuses to your executives. None of you deserve it.” – Julie


“It's totally unacceptable that AIG would even consider millions of dollars in bonus' to executives that have run the company into the ground. This is the problem with this country today. To say the company has to give these bonus' to keep these people is absurd. The government, which now owns the majority stake in this company, should fire them all; or at least, refuse to allow any bonus money go their way. It's a damned disgrace and insult to people who have lost their jobs, retirement savings, etc. because of their corporate greed and stupidity. Give the bonus money back to the people that have lost so much due to their reckless ways.” – Ralph


“Huge bonuses like these for CEOs are ridiculous in the best of times. These are certainly NOT the best of times, and this money belongs to the American taxpayers! These people should be in prison right along side the whole Bush Administration.” – Patty


“A Bonus is conditioned on doing a job right. Sometimes it was a percentage of the amount saved or produced by an idea or action by the individual. Apparently you have made "bonus" an income agreement which is an error. This is bogus. Given the fact that decisions made by these "employee's" resulted in grave consequences for out Nation and World, they must receive a demerit and their "income" reduced. A "pay raise" is simply agreed and implemented, a demerit reduction can be done in the same way. Do IT!” – Bruce


“How could the management at AIG do SO poorly to lose such a huge 

amount of money?

How could such poor performance warrant any bonus at all, let alone 

keeping a job?

As a taxpayer, I need to know this.” – Daniel


“I think they are just about as low down as you can get. I think they need to clean house and get rid of all of them.” – Lynn


“If unions are expected to renegotiate contracts (SF Chronicle, car companies, etc.) why shouldn’t these executives who CAUSED the problem be expected to do the same?” – Kim


“As we all were or should have been taught, if you make a mess/mistake(massive and greedy in this case) by your own accord, you clean it up and do not get paid for the clean up!” – Sanford


“AIG is too big and needs to be broken down to a size to be able to 

operate without taxpayer money.  The fact that they gave bonuses when 

going bankrupt (needing bailout) means they can't govern and should be 

shut down.  That is what happens to businesses when they don't have 

what it takes to be successful.” – Dolores


“Of course the rest of the world doesn't want to participate with the U.S. in financially supporting our stimulus program....AIG used a huge part of the bail out to pay billions to foreign banks and now to add insult to injury the 165 million dollar bonuses are going mostly to England. I am so sick of the U.S. bailing out the rest of the world -- do we really have a government representing the U.S. citizens - I don't think so!” – George


“These people should be fired not given bonuses or whatever they want to call it. This is greed pure and simple. Why would AIG give out contracts which reward people that fail at there jobs. These people are not worth million dollar bonuses, as a matter of fact they are worthless. Fire them, fire them all.” - Jeanne




“It is just outrageous that AIG exec's think they deserve bonuses . They ran AIG into the ground with their poor leadership and unbridled spending. They should complete disregard for the population they are there to serve. The fact that they still have jobs is beyond me. How many 100's of thousands of people in the USA are out of jobs right now? And they think they need a bonus, on top of the salary they are bringing in?

Now that the taxpayers have bailed them out, I guess they think they're on easy street once again, at our expense. It's ludicrous.” – Mary


“I want to tell these greedy maggots at AIG to drop dead. What goes around comes around…Remember Ken Lay? He got what he so deserved and so will you. A heart attack from the lying and greed and stress and I hope your fate is the same as his. You should all crawl under the rocks you came from. You are pathetic, lying greedy bastards.” – Fran


“I don't care if they are contractually obligated to honor the bonuses. For one thing I'm not buying it. The word Bonus implies it is extra -- for going above and beyond the call which clearly they have not done.

I would also hope the recipients would have more decency and class than to accept the bonuses considering the state of the company and the economy.

Guess what guys — you work for us now. We are floating the boat you very nearly sank with your overextended policies that did nothing to care for customers and did much to line your own pockets. You are now accountable to us. On the table — all the finances — NOW.” – Colby


“Aig stole money.” – Anon.

“What do I think... We've been AIG customers for a long time. When they

had big problems a while back, we gave 'em the benefit of the doubt and

stayed on with them for our car insurance. However, now that I see they

are really in it for personal gain, taking government bail-out funds

with one hand and lining their executive nests with the other, I'm

considering dropping them. The situation sucks, big time. And I'm one

angry customer. This is a beautiful illustration of why certain evil

corporations should just be allowed to die, rather than being bailed

out. Let's get some civic consciousness and responsibility here.” – Rick


“I did not receive a pay raise this year. If AIG was in trouble, they shouldn't have given have bonuses to the executives. I am getting sick and tired of bailing out these companies when they squander their funds. Tell them we will not bail them out and the executives should give back their bonuses. This is getting out of hand.” – Dianna


“I think AIG is morally obscene in it's extensive grab of money while so many citizens, US & world-wide, are suffering homelessness and starvation.

Every mansion should be confiscated and opened to housing homeless. Every dollar liquidated should be turned into a food source for those in need.

The CEOs were acting without fear of retribution. Obviously, they just didn't care about anyone else.

A teenager who lifts ten dollars from a grocer's cash register would be punished severely, if caught.

These CEOs have destroyed--wiped out--the futures of many people who worked hard all their lives.

Justice would be making these people now work for the rest of us, rather than for their own glory.” – Nina


“I would like to know the criteria you use for a bonus? Most people think it is based on doing something that benefits such as saving money or creating value?

None of the people who were in charge are even worth minimum wage. You can randomly select anyone with a six grade education and they would not have lost as much money or created such a financial problem. If you could have solved the problem, you would not need the government's help.” – Morris


“Like you care what I think! I just want to know why AIG management feels so entitled to bonuses for running AIG so miserably. This is obscene to expect the American taxpayers to not only bail AIG out but to pay for bonuses as well!. What about some accountability and integrity?

Maybe Congress should ask the IRS to create a tax bracket just for you--100% of all income should go back to the U.S.” – Carole


“Greedy, irresponsible traitors is how I would describe AIG's management.” – Ron


“I think it's absolutely disgusting that given the state of the economy that those executives could have the nerve to accept those bonuses! And for what? The company needs to be bailed out so it's not for doing a good job at the company! If they had an ounce of decency they'd donate the money to charities or refuse to take it.”- Carol


“The decision makers at AIG should all be fired ... no golden

parachutes, no severance ... for incompetence, negligence and fraud.

There should be an investigation and people should be prosecuted for

any criminal acts to the fullest extent possible. All compensation

and employment agreements should have had a force majeure clause

which allows the cancellation of the contract in the face of a

national emergency. This is standard language. We clearly have a

national economic emergency.” – Anon.


“Any AIG employee who accepts a bonus should be fired by the present owner of AIG (the US government).” – Susan


“Stop the bonuses. Let the individuals sue if they think they can prove they have earned the bonuses.” – Angela


“Resign and GIVE BACK to the American taxpayers  every cent of your bonus and salary! You are a disgrace!” – Anon.


“1.Wake up and smell the coffee. No one is irreplacable; and,

2.Notwithstanding any federal support, you're still spending someone's hard earned dollars unwisely.” – Anon.


“AIG's assault on the world's economy with total disregard to millions of people who are suffering is unconscionable.

"Have you no sense of decency... Sirs, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?" – GC


“Contracts and 'obligations' mean nothing when a company goes out of business. AIG would clearly be out of business if it weren't for the government intervention. It should have been made clear before AIG got a penny that it could not continue business as usual. As far as I'm concerned any hint of giving this compensation is a breach of contract with the federal government and the government should insist that ALL the money paid be returned immediately.

To ignore the obligation to the citizens of this nation in order to overcompensate the clear failures of those in the employ of AIG is a crime of the highest magnitude and cannot be tolerated.” - Peter

“Please get a clue what it is like to live in the real world and stop spending my money on the idiots that got your behind in a crack in the first place!” – Nancy


“Hey guys,

I cannot get a job that I have been over educated in and I know that if I screwed up in the job they would most definitely Can my brown ass!

So, what makes You people so special? The market mentality is if you fail I get Caned not rewarded. Oh yeah, the argument about you have a contract so therefore you must be rewarded does not hold water, because there is no Contract in the world that rewards failure and incompetence!

OUT of a JOB and Feed Up with what's going ON in this Country!!!!” – Anon


“The pictures of the executives who are getting bonuses should be displayed like wanted posters in every public place. How dare you all accept monetary rewards for running your company into the ground!” – Anon.



IT BACK!!!!!” – Alison


“Mr. Liddy; I would like for you to show Congress, or I urge Congress to compel you to show, the contracts AIG has that compell you to issue these unconscionable bonuses.” – Leonard


“Dear Mr Liddy:

I am outraged that your company is continuing to request more funds from our federal government. You and your company have obviously completely mismanaged your clients' funds and now you expect the taxpayers to bail you out of your bad decisions. In addition, you are apparently planning to distribute bonuses to your employees! At the company where I work, we have been informed that cost of living raises are out of the question, and bonuses based on last year's performance are "under review". The company I work for, Group Health Cooperative, is actually making money, not losing it. Unlike your company, which is apparently losing money hand over fist.

I am appalled at your gall and utter lack of ethics. You should be fired.” – Regina


“I don't think I can put my words into print as they would probably 

get censored .  As a retired manufacturer and business man I believe 

in high morals even for the financial sector which seems to be 

controlled solely by greed. Incidentally I had been a customer with 

21st Century (California) Insurance Co., for  more than 45 years but 

after AIG purchased this company and things started going wrong I no 

longer felt any loyalty to 21st Century (now AIG). Others must have 

felt the same way as AIG was forced to spend more money and return to 

the original name of 21st Century, instead of "AIG Direct.” - Peter


“I think that is unconscionable that AIG should hide behind their paid 

lawyers to dream up an excuse so that AIG officers can "legally" rape 

the american public. If their bonuses are based upon the skilled 

performance of these officers, then they should all be put on the 

street for their lack of expertise. No bonus, no way!” – John


“It is time for the federal government to provide onsight oversight of 

AIG.  AIG has demonstrated in 100 ways, maybe 1000 ways to the 

American people that we are throwing good money after bad by "bailing 

out" those who continue to follow wasteful practices.” – Gail


“File suit against the management of AIG and all persons who received a bonus to get the monies back; fire anyone who refuses to return the bonuses.  During the litigation, place AIG in receivership and appoint a receiver.  No 12 person jury will feel sympathetic to anyone who received a bonus based upon a contract, that gives retention bonuses.  Excuse me, but where is the competition in this field, that AIG has to worry about their employees leaving and going somewhere else?” - S. Taylor


“AIGs corporate behavior, past and present, is beyond outrageous. To give bonuses to those folks who have run the company into the ground is sheer stupidity. To get locked into being contractually obligated to pay bonuses is just not fathomable. These folks should be fired (and why haven't they). AIG management should be fired and jailed. If they didn't break any laws, then we need to put some Congressmen in jail!” – Anon.


“I think it is beyond disgraceful what these high powered individuals do at the cost to others other than themselves. They are without conscience or morals and make excuses as to why it is necessary to give bonuses. If they lose these highly qualified individuals, so what? I'm sure there are many qualified individuals who are "currently unemployed" and can do the job, probably as well as or better than those currently in these positions. They are being monetarily rewarded for their irresponsibility and we, the taxpayers, are left with the spoils of AIG's actions. They should all step down from their positions, maybe it's time to clean house. Whoever heard of contracts for bonuses, whoever heard of bonuses for NOT doing their jobs responsibly.

Big business is very good to themselves. They call the bonuses 'contractually binding'. I call it GREED. There are not enough words. It's disgusting.” – Elizabeth


“I am directing my representatives to deduct the amount of your bonuses

from any future money given to your company by the government: this is

an outrageous misuse of public funds, given to the greedy people who

started the problem in the first place.” – Patrick


“No more stimulus $ to AIG. Period. Since the bonuses were a contractual agreement prior to the meltdown, I feel they must be honored. HOWEVER, I do not agree that the people who were partly responsible for AIG's mess should be retained. That's the same as letting the fox repair the hole in the fence of the chicken house; it won't be fixed.” – Sally


“With them receiving over 100 Billion in bailout money how can they afford to give out such nice bonuses. The average person working does not get the type of bonuses they are handing out to people. They are and were part of the problem with the economy today. Every day people are not getting bailout money to help their financial situatiuons. All of the companies that did recieve any of the bailout money should be held accountable for every single penny they spend of it. If they have this kind of money to hand out in bonuses then they need to take the extra money they have just laying around and send it back to the government. The bailout was not given out to companies for bonuses for their employees. Why are the people of the USA paying for people bonuses? If AIG had not been given any bailout money and they were doing this no one would care but they are ONLY doing it because they got bailout money and a lot of it. The citizens are not getting bail out money to help with their finances.

It was said that AIG put themselves in a bad position because of their nonsense spending.

AIG needs to give the government back 165 million.” – Sarina


“My question to Edward M. Liddy, AIG CEO:

If auto industry union members were 'convinced' to renegotiate their contracts in order to 'save their companies,' why are the very AIG employees who made millions from an obvious Ponzi scheme receiving rewards for unethical and possibly illegal conduct rather than being fired, and/or charged with their crimes, or at least renegotiating their contracts to include, at minimum, that they not receive these payouts/bonuses and that all future AIG bonuses be performance based?” – Deborah


“Corporations have proved to be the enemy of the species. Work with your hands, boys. It’s what nature intended.” – Joel


“Give back the taxpayers money. You should be ashamed of your self for taking taxpayer money to bail you out of the mess you are in and even worse to continue with those ridiculous bonuses. Not a single executive in your company deserves a bonus for running your company into the ground. SHAME ON YOU!” – Lorrie


“Children are increasingly being forced into hunger and homelessness 

in our own country. Public schools are so short of funds that 

teachers have to pay for supplies out of their own pockets. Middle 

class people are going bankrupt because they're laid off, can't make 

the payments on their education loans, or can't pay for necessary 

medical care.


At a time when conditions like these are in the process of turning 

the United States into a sad caricature of itself, it is absolutely 

disgusting that the very executives whose reckless, risk-ignoring, 

Vegas-style gaming of the financial system has sent the system into a 

tailspin are about to receive almost $200 million in bonuses.  It's 

even more disgusting to note that  these bonuses are coming out of 

the money taxpayers are giving to AIG to save the company and prevent 

a financial collapse.  It's like throwing Champagne on a burning 

apartment building -- or like giving Champagne to the arsonist so he 

won't set another fire, when in fact it will only reward him and 

encourage him to do it again.


No arguments about contractual obligations or retention of skilled 

personnel can possibly be taken seriously under these circumstances.  

These executives have failed.  This is our money, and if we are to 

demand justice, and fairness  --  even simple efficiency and common 

sense -- we cannot let our money be wasted on these wastrels.  They 

had their chance, and they blew it.


To the Members of Congress:


Please use all your power to prevent these bonuses from going 

through, to punish those who have done wrong in this situation, and 

to prevent these things from ever happening again.  It's the zero 

hour, and you will be forever judged by your actions at this crucial 

time.” - Matt


“I've never received a "bonus". I don't expect to receive one. I expect 

to get paid for any work I do. No bonuses. I especially don't think I 

should get rewarded for being part of a problem.

AIG should use the "bail-out" money to help stimulate the economy, to 

free-up the credit process, and to generally make sure that money 

flows freely through the economy, and NOT through AIG employees' 

hands. A person SHOULD NOT BE REWARDED FOR BAD BEHAVIOR. That is what 

your bonuses are doing.

It is outrageous. It is disgusting. AIG should be working toward 

getting the economy back on track, and should shoulder most of the 

work, as AIG is responsible for a lot of the problems.” – Bill


“AIG's bonuses are outrageous and unacceptable.  Not only should they not

get bonuses, they should be fired for their recklessnes and incompetence.” – Joshua


“Give back all the money you paid to AIG sr. mgmt as 'bonoses' from the bail out money you collected by begging from the govt. That money was NOT to be given to a bunch of morons who ruined your company and dumped its problems on us. WE WANT THAT MONEY BACK!!!!!” – Azie


“Enjoy it now for the short few years you have left on this earth because you WILL have to pay for it all for ETERNITY.” – Anon


“Chuck Grassley had the right idea.” – Steven


“The names of those who received bonuses must be released. There is no reason why AIG feels it is necessary to protect those who got the company into this mess.” – Roxanne


“If they want to give out the bonuses fine–on one condition. That the

execs receiving the bonuses become PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for the

financial health of our economy and that the future bailouts COME FROM

THEIR BANK ACCOUNTS AND OTHER ASSETS. Also, that the same executives

not be allowed to declare bankruptcy under any condition.


Otherwise, give back not only this year's bonuses but LAST YEAR'S AS

WELL since the bonuses will go a long way towards putting AIG back in

the black.” – Sandra


“Where were you when Joe Cassano bet against all odds that you, AIG, would need capital to back future payouts? Where were you when he continued to earn $1,000,000 per month consulting fees? Do you consider yourself an educated, sophisticated financial leader, and if so, why did you let this happen?

Can you define, for me and the rest of the world, the word “greed”?” – Christine

“We,the US public,will remove Corporate political financing from inhibiting and limiting our Congressional response to the complete disrespect and disdain your company has expressed to us.Now that we own the great majority of shares in AIG,it is our intent to hold the management responsible for its actions,including the need to return all bonuses issued following the acceptance of bailout funds,and as necessary,the removal of offensive members,or possibly further legal action.

The days of "business as usual" and "make sure we have our share"-without concern for the public funds maintaining your viability-have arrived at their end.It is too late for excuses-greed and deviation around sensible modes of expected normal conduct,have discredited any public trust in the future of AIG,as currently structured.Shame has been overwhelmed by self serving monetary interests-this could be the start of societal change.” – Donald


“Liddy belongs in jail for defrauding the American taxpayers, and AIG should be allowed to go broke.” – Anon


“No bonus!!! Citizens should take legal action and investigate and jail the people who placed us and the rest of the world in these dire economic straits.” – Elaine


“Your actions and those of AIG are outrageous and infuriating. There can be no legal obligation to pay the idiots who ran you fine company into the ground. If there is seriously no way to legally find a mean to stop the of rewarding the heinous acts of these employees, then you and your legal team ought to likewise be run out of the company. What kind of blindness can result in “contracts” that award bonuses to irresponsible, if not CRIMINAL, performance? You and the lawyers who make up your contractual agreements, without clauses to refuse such bonuses based on damaging practices of your “investment arm,” are either colluding or simply ignorant. Stand up and defend ethical standards. If you do not, I dare say your cowardice will be justly rewarded with contempt and resentment, and no legal contract will defend you against the cries of public opinion, no matter how desperately you try to convince us that your “hands are tied.” Absurd! If you fear the loss of “top talent,” I suggest you re-evaluate both the concept of “top” and of “talent,” and perhaps brush up on the meaning of MERIT! What a pathetic nation we have become, where negligence is rewarded with bonuses, and the guilty not just go free, but are enriched! You sir, and your company, represent the highest form of obscenity and abuse, hypocrisy and indignation.” – Jeremy




Return the ALL of the bailout money to the taxpayers.


Return ALL of the CEO bonuses back to  the taxpayers.


NOW.” – Eleanor


“Bonuses are customarily tied to performance, either individual or company-wide.

Given the company's abysmal performance, which led to a government (that is, taxpayer) bailout, to say that AIG was contractually obligated to pay bonuses to its employees, therefore, defies logic and common sense.

To say that the bonuses are needed to keep the best and the brightest on the job also defies logic and common sense (see previous "given").

I think the company should be charged with criminal conduct and put out of business. Every employee who received a bonus should be required to donate the full amount to food pantries and homeless shelters. Those who authorized the bonuses should have to live in the tent city in Sacramento for a few months.” – Dale


“Dear Sirs:

The choice on your part and those of your colleagues to use Federal Bailout money (READ TAXPAYER DOLLARS HERE) as executive bonuses is unconscionable. I don't have a choice how my tax dollars are used. I was opposed to the bailout funding, and your actions are exemplary of my objections to it. These are difficult times and we have all had to make sacrifices and tighten our belts to get by. Why should I have to scrape to make ends meet while you use my money to reward individuals who have caused your company's downfall? SHAME ON YOU!” – Angela


“It is outrageous that any executive or employee of AIG use taxpayer

money to pay bonus'.  With this type of behavior we should let AIG go

bankrupt.  There will be plenty of other companies eager to take their

place.  Let's get responsible executives in place at AIG or let the

company fail.” – Neil


“If I said what I really thought you probably couldn't send it.

Basically you are a greedy incompetent bunch of irresponsibles a**h****

who should all be fired and stripped of your bonues.  If all that wasted

money would have been given to struggling citizens who have come upon

hard times and used to rescue them from foreclosures, etc.,  it would

have been money well spent and done A hell of a lot more to stimulate

the economy than paying you jerks.  I hope someday you have to

experience what we have all been thru!!!!!” – Gloria


“It is outrageous that the execs of AIG can, first of all, mismanage their organization in such a way that it is in need of such an extensive bailout to begin with, and then to be rewarded for their actions with millions of dollars would be unconscionable at any time, but especially in the current economic environment when so many are losing or have lost their jobs, their homes, their insurance, their retirement benefits. Please tell them that we hold them responsible for the extent of the company's losses, and that they do not deserve any portion of the bailout money! They've received compensation enough already.”- Cathy


“AIG as a company should be kept afloat if it is better for the 

American economy that they stay in business, but everyone involved in 

this bonus business should be fired.  All the bonus money should be 

returned and AIG CEO Edward Liddy should be thrown in jail.  For that 

matter, so should all those who voted to give the bonuses.  The House 

subcommittee should prosecute them all to the fullest extent of the law.” – Marge


“I am outraged as well in learning of the perks and bonuses to be paid out with public money. AIG are no different than criminals who steal from the poor. It’s time this stopped and we the people got started getting these kind of executives out of business. NO MORE MONIES FOR AIG.” – Pat


“How can you sleep at night? Search your souls for that shred of ethical behavior that must be inside you and refuse your was not honestly earned at all!” – Ellen


“My mother has worked at AIG Corporate for years, and she wasn't given even a cost-of-living increase in her wages at the start of this year. But the jerks at AIG Financial Products ran the company into insolvency and yet still receive yearly bonuses each worth two decades of regular wages. Where is AIG's sense of shame?” – Mike


“If this nation is to succeed, we need to stop rewarding failure and start holding people accountable for their actions. If Mr. Liddy is not capable of doing that, he is the wrong man for the job and should resign before he does any more damage.

Telling the people of the USA that the only people capable of fixing the mess are the very ones that caused it, is an insult to our intelligence.” – Gerald


“I think it is ridiculous that someone like me who paying their taxes, paying for their own health AND still has lost their house to foreclosure because I could not get a loan modification... and NOW I am paying for a corporation to go on vacation and give out bonus's ..what are you kidding me?

Where is my reward for DOING THE RIGHT THING!!!

Disgusting!!” – Anon


“Before I retired, I worked in sales.  I got a bonus when I produced 

positive results.  When I did not, I received no bonus.  A bonus is 

not for just showing up - or worse, as in the case of AIG.  I resent 

that my hard-earned tax money is being given as a reward to those 

incompetent morons running AIG.  No, no, no, a thousand times no.  No 

bonuses for those greedy twits.” – Carol


“Why is your contract more legal the UAW contract which was gutted for the bailout?” – Nancy


“Have you no shame? Do you believe this is all play and play-money? Well, you would't make a bad business decision if your peronal money was on the line, would you? This is our personal money, our hard-earned tax money, and you better think about how you use it, if you want any more.” – Amy


“Who do you think you are giving away our hard earned money to failures! Yes Failures who have brought your company to the brink of ruin! What do you think you are in? Ruin, you need our money to bail you out and yet you are giving them bonuses? Why?

It is our hard earned money that you are giving away, instead of putting it back to save the company. How stupid are you? You need to step down and let someone who knows how to run the company step up. And you need to get our money back from all of your failures. Yes you have committed fraud with all of your failures and we want our money back. It isn't your money to give away. Give us our money back. We didn't give it to you to give away to failures.” – Michelle


“Mr A.I.G. how insensitive can you get?” – Renata


“They have taken huge chunck of change from the feds after running the company into the ground , all senior execs on the list for bonuses should be fired for even thinking of taking them.

The government should step in audit the company an if criminal activity is found prosecute.” – Anon.


“The bonuses being paid at this time of crisis is appalling!!! I resent my taxpayer dollars going into pockets of the top execs while many employees stand to lose their jobs. This issue needs oversight by the government - and reevaluation by the execs. Didn't they take ethics courses in school?” – Anon.


“Please inform Mr. Liddy that he now works for the US taxpayer and he and his fellow employees can forget about getting large bonuses until the company has reimbursed us. If there are employment contracts, break them and let them sue. If they do sue, fire them and replace them. Not one more lousy dime!” – James


The argument that these retention bonuses are protected by contract and can't be denied for fear of law suits is ridiculous. 


The young men and women reservists being back door drafted for longer tours than expected don't have the contractual protections that these financial blood suckers have.


If the government can impose duty on patriotic service men and women the government should also have the power to modify tax money being stolen by failed commercial enterprises..especially when they have ruined our economy and jeopardized the ability of these same men and women to gain employment when they return to civilian life. 


Where is the Ayn Rand  character of an honest productive captitalist if one  ever existed?


Don't jail thse crooks.  Build stocks on Times Square and exhibit these germs, with subtitles, for all hard working citizens to see and ridicule.” – David


“tell them we are going to PUBLISH their names, where they live and 

their phone numbers...


that may be enough to scare them to give the money back.. we will not 

rest until that money, OUR money is returned!!!” – James


“Have you no shame?” – Guy


“It would be such good karma for even one of those greedy crooks to publicly refuse the bonus. Repent now!!

But deep down, I’d like to see all of them living in a refrigerator carton under the freeway.” – Linda


“I think it is horrible to take a bonus when they have

been so bad at running their own business. You get

a bonus for doing a bad job? I would be fired at my

job for bad performance, period. Contract or not,

they should know this is very bad. Bad way to run

the business and now I think our gov't should say,

you take it, don't come back begging.” – Connie


“Haven't you done enough damage? You almost took down the American economy, and shook the world economy. The actions of AIG are calling back the Great Depression. Apparently, there is no lesson learned because the very damaging behavior still continues. Obviously there is no honor or dignity at AIG, just a cesspool of depravity.” – Laura


“That I am outraged is an understatement. If it were in my power, and if it would not hurt the country and world and the rest of the people who work for a living, I would let AIG collapse. Hopefully on you!” – Martin


“As boss of Allstate your behaviour towards bona fide litigants was dismissive and for years you condoned inappropriate behaviour by your employees to defeat genuine claims. You preferred big profits to integrity and ignored my request as a leading international lawyer to meet to explain the injustice your company had perpetrated. My written complaint was never handled yet the misconduct was a disgrace to all insurers.

It is therefore no surprise to me to find that you are not taking any or any sufficient action to stop your staff from feeling entitled to their absurd bonus payments at AIG.

Congress should forthwith pass legislation to tax all bonus payments made by companies that have had bail-out at 100% or more. Furthermore, the absurd salaries that you and your ilk think you are worth ought also to be taxed at a high rate or be capped at a level that rewards success but not in a way that create dynasties.

You, Mr Liddy, are just a legend in your own paypacket and in your own inflated opinion of what you have achieved – other than from condoning fraud and sharp practice to make your buck at Allstate.” – Douglas


“I think they should go bankrupt and have to pay all this money they have received back to the American taxpayers. We need to stop this corruption with these big businesses and their CEO's. We need to let all these companies go bankrupt, not bail them out and set an example for all the rest. There will be some of them come back, probably as a better company than they were before.

These companies and the CEO's need to give up everything they own.” – Barbara


“I would like to take this opportunity to present an idea for your consideration – creating a state bank in _California. Banking like the police, and fire departments ought to regarded as a public service. This is something which needs to be fully appreciated by those in power who have become obssessed with the need for purely private banks.This proposal has been fleshed out in an article by Ellen Brown, noted author and expert on banking and the causes of our nation’s financial collapse, available here: “Cash-starved States Need to Play the Banking Game: North Dakota Leads the Way” -

The reason for a state owned bank is simple – we have lost control of our finances. Our municipalities are burdened with legacy debt and aging infrastructure and the only current way to fix the infrastructure is to bond through Wall Street. We can’t take any more taxes, but indebting us to Wall Street has cost us dearly and the costs will only increase as the national credit crunch continues to squeeze us at home and in our neighborhoods.

Our businesses are also suffering from the credit crunch. National banks are canceling lines of credit for businesses with excellent credit ratings. Shopping centers are emptying out, and it seems like another friend loses his or her job every week. As for the future – it’s bleak. Credit is all but drying up as scare resources get diverted to bail out Wall Street.

A publicly-owned state bank, capitalized by our own taxpayers, would allow us to fund roads, bridges, schools, and other statewide infrastructure, commercial development, mortgages, municipal debt, and student loans.

Fortunately, we have a successful model. North Dakota has had a state bank since 1919 and this year the state has a $1 billion plus surplus!

I urge you to enact or support legislation to create a state bank today. And, I strongly encourage you to support Single Payer Health Care- HR 676, and the American Monetary Reform Act without delay.” – Anon


“FYI---The people in your financial products division are perhaps more responsible for the severity of the economic meltdown than anyone else! Reward them with bonuses for their irresponsible and heinous behavior-- with taxpayers' money??? Outrageous!!! Do you have no shame, sir? Do you believe that you and your cronies are beyond the awareness and conscience of the American public??

What goes around---comes around!! You would do well to keep that in mind when you are handling your company's finances.” – Joan


“I am 58 years old and facing age discrimination as I look for a job in this economic catastrophe. It appears as though you and the good ole’ boys are laughing all the way to the bank. I don’t care that you had a “contract” for bonuses, for your executives. A bonus can be deleted by it’s very nature. It’s not a salary, it should be based on performance. How is it that anyone in your company deserves a bonus based on performance after taking money from taxpayers for a bailout due to a failed business plan? Money that we don’t have at this point? I’d bring your entire team up on criminal charges if it was possible.” – Jim


“I can think of no more effective way to destroy the confidence of the American people in the competence, effectiveness, and honesty of American business than what AIG has done. If AIG wants to destroy capitalism and the American way of doing business, they are doing a great job. I call what those people have done greed-inspired treason. A soldier who wilfully and deliberately did that much injury to his country would be taken out and shot. I shall urge my Congressman to tax those obscene bonuses right out of existence.” - David


“Dear, or not-so-dear AIG executives,

I mean, REALLY. How could you even think of paying yourselves the bonuses you think you deserve? No matter what you think, the record is what it is: disaster on an unprecedented scale. Why should I, a hard-working teacher, pay for your six figure bonuses? How many houses, cars, boats, parties, etc. does one need? Let's put those who can justifiably plead poverty first.” – Carol


“Their contractual obligations were null and void once they ran the business to the ground.” – Lucy


“To all the people at AIG who destroyed our financial system:

I think you belong in jail. I also think you’re lucky this is not France 200 years ago. You would be headed for the guillotine.” – John


“One can hardly imagine the depth of greed and selfishness - not to 

mention blindness and lack of self-awareness - displayed by the AIG 

principals. One must hope and pray that


this episode will become a teaching moment for all of us in the U. S. 

and in the world -  and that together we will offer will the healing 

power of forgiveness!” – Jacob


“You should be ashame for having such blatant disregard for the American people.” – Anon


“Immoral!!!” – Debbie


“Enough is too much in this case. Return the bailout money, no bonuses 

and just close your doors. We don't want you around, we don't need 

you for anything positive and we certainly do not need you for all 

this negative rubbish.


Just fail and get it over with without taking our money with you.” – Jack


“I have used AIG/Valic at ShrinersHospital. I have heard the reports of outlandish spending by the top executives. This demonstrates to me total arrogance and a lack of responsibility for the investors. I am glad we are switching our 403b plans to Diversified since your behaviors have been appalling. You have ruined my ability by your irresponsibility to retire. May you change your ways.” – Dorothy


“No bonuses to AIG executives for a lousy job done in secrecy!!!

Mr. Libby, we want transparency NOW, not this hidden game of rewarding yourselves using tax payers' money.

I want zero dollars paid out in executive bonuses and I want to know what is really going on at AIG.” – Melanie


you are nothing but a common criminal...

we gave you our money to help your business come out of a claimed you needed it to survive...

but, instead

you gave it to other organizations around the world, you gave huge amounts to the people who got your company in trouble...

that is CLEARLY NOT what we gave you the money for...that's criminal so,

give it back...we'll help people who need it like our homeowners who are in trouble...” – Ella

“I think they're lying thief's running a company that would have been better off going bankrupt in the early stages. It's my true belief that AIG will go under and all the money invested in bail outs will be gone in the deep pockets of these thief's. I also feel the same way bout GM, Ford and Chrysler corporations. Why not just bail out of the bail out allow the companies to restructure and fire the over paid CEO's, executives and oust the unions. Let's take back our economy now.” – Anon.


“With the highest unemployment rate ever and families losing their homes and the rest of us struggling to stay alive, it makes me furious that this is happening. I could use the money I’m paying in taxes out of my paycheck every pay period to pay my bills. Instead, it is going to bail some already overpaid stuffed-shirt who has a couple of homes, fancy cars, boats, etc. No More Bail Out $$$$’s and NO MORE EXECUTIVE BONUSES!!!!!” – Linda


“As far as I am concerned, the contract by which AIG believes that it owes these executives millions of our taxpayer money should be void. It is either void or voidable because the executives’ behavior caused the problems that required the bailout. The behavior should be considered a breach of the contract. As such, and because the government is now the owner of 80% of the stock, NO bonuses should be paid.” – Suzanne


“Whatever your "contractual obligations" may stipulate, you and your executives don't deserve bonuses. What you really deserve it what you'd get if you lived in a country which didn't respect the rule of law as we do here in the U.S. It's time for you people to tighten your belts as so many others less privileged than you are doing now. You need to be made to feel VERY uncomfortable. You need to experience an entire new level of stress over your future security and comfort. You need to tell us how truly sorry you are, and say it like you MEAN it.” – Richard


“The government ( the people of the U.S.) now own 80% of your Company now and we demand changes: Fire all the CEO's responsible for the collapse, revoke all Bonuses, and submit all new expenditure requests to Congress before implementation.” – Rich


“Mr. Liddy, you can come up with all the excuses that you want. The action of AIG to go ahead with the bonuses to precisely those who ran AIG into the ground is NOT excusable, and is unconscionable. Your support for this transgression undermines the very integrity of capitalism. Most of you should already have been fired for gross incompetence.” – Bruce


“AIG should not have been bailed out, but allowed to go belly-up.

If I made irresponsible decisions I would have to bear the consequences. I cannot

expect a bailout.

But our elected representatives came up with this idea that this messed up corporation

was too big to fail. That is what is wrong with this country; we start wars for corporations

and corporations dictate policies, hence run the country and our lives.” – Lee




“This bailout program is not for the benefit of American citizens or taxpayers, it benefits the stakeholders of AIG.

You’ve (liddy) indicated who got paid out of the $170 Billion, what you haven’t told us is who owns AIG—who are the Directors, the major shareholders, the lenders, and the employees who get bonuses.

I run a business. If I screw up, I’m out of business. No one—NO ONE is too big to fail.

You are not God.” – Arek


“I would like to take this opportunity to present an idea for your consideration – creating a state bank in _California. Banking like the police, and fire departments ought to regarded as a public service. This is something which needs to be fully appreciated by those in power who have become obssessed with the need for purely private banks.This proposal has been fleshed out in an article by Ellen Brown, noted author and expert on banking and the causes of our nation’s financial collapse, available here: “Cash-starved States Need to Play the Banking Game: North Dakota Leads the Way” -

The reason for a state owned bank is simple – we have lost control of our finances. Our municipalities are burdened with legacy debt and aging infrastructure and the only current way to fix the infrastructure is to bond through Wall Street. We can’t take any more taxes, but indebting us to Wall Street has cost us dearly and the costs will only increase as the national credit crunch continues to squeeze us at home and in our neighborhoods.

Our businesses are also suffering from the credit crunch. National banks are canceling lines of credit for businesses with excellent credit ratings. Shopping centers are emptying out, and it seems like another friend loses his or her job every week. As for the future – it’s bleak. Credit is all but drying up as scare resources get diverted to bail out Wall Street.

A publicly-owned state bank, capitalized by our own taxpayers, would allow us to fund roads, bridges, schools, and other statewide infrastructure, commercial development, mortgages, municipal debt, and student loans.

Fortunately, we have a successful model. North Dakota has had a state bank since 1919 and this year the state has a $1 billion plus surplus!

I urge you to enact or support legislation to create a state bank today. And, I strongly encourage you to support Single Payer Health Care- HR 676, and the American Monetary Reform Act.”-  Maureen


“I think you and others at your firm with the high salaries and bonuses should have to live like many of the hard-working citizens who are paying for your failures and lavish lifestyles--just for a month or so, so that you would have some idea what it's like. None of you has"earned" these exhorbitant salaries. The threats of losing valuable people if they are not paid these salaries rings hollow. Where would they go? Who would want them? If they can't succeed here in the U.S. with all the perks they are given, where else do they think they would go and make salaries anywhere comparable to what they have been paid in the U.S.? All of you have failed miserably, and in the process, you have lied to the regulators and have cheated all of us taxpayers. As far as I'm concerned, you are all losers and if you choose to pack up and walk out, I couldn't think of a bigger favor you could do for all of us!” – Carol


“AIG now belongs to the people of the United States of America. AIG squandered our money, and betrayed our trust, and paid its employees regardless of poor performance and bankrupt ethics. You want to give bonuses to retain the best? You call what just happened a great performance? No one of them should have been paid at all, never mind the bonuses. They should be fired. If this is what we get from the ‘best and brightest’, I’ll take a little less brilliant with a little more moral fortitude.” – Margo


“I do not understand how the AIG and other super companies can be in the mess that they are in, requesting average, struggling Joe taxpayer to bail them out and feel they deserve bonuses. To me bail out and bonus do not match. Any first year business student could have done an equal or better job of managing the company, certainly could not have done worse, and for about what equals a months’ pay of the people that have run these companies into the ground. I am outraged as I struggle and make sacrifices in this economy and the rich executives who contributed to the downfall of our economy are coming with their hand out. I am against the bailout with out some major strings attached.” – Jean


“I don't really have enough bad things to say to you or about you. You are thieves and you should have been left to wallow in your own inept bankruptcy. Instead you seem to be enjoying yourselves at the expense of the people of America. Do not be deceived, for what comes around, goes around and I am positive that you will be left hanging by your thumbs along the side of the road with everything you have worked for lying in tatters around you. Thoughts are things and you will all be drowned in the bad thoughts all Americans have for you.” – PJ


I am beyond disgusted with your arrogance and self centered, selfish behavior. These bonus' are due to you per your contract????? Why don't you try telling the millions of newly homeless and jobless people out there that you deserve them. How do you sleep at night?!” – Holly


“In a normal business bonuses are based on profit and only paid if the

business makes a profit.  To award people for losing money is beyond stupid.

"We need to keep them on board since they are the best" rings hollow since

these people can only be the best at business that is losing money for the

company that employed them. They should have their contracts terminated and

NOT given any bonus to termination money.  I think there are people in this

debacle that should be in jail.” – Vicki


“Thank you for your careful stewardship as you guide one of the World’s largest insurance companies through the treacherous financial waters of the nation’s current economic crisis.

History should look kindly on your tenure since many of the problems faced today owe their origin to Congressional regulatory neglect.

Please excuse frustrated taxpayers who, forced to live paycheck-to-paycheck, compare their lot with what that of well-compensated Wall Street executives.

In time, US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will change the conversation to that of regulating trillions of dollars worth of troublesome credit default swaps which have exacted a heavy toll on the financial industry.

Then, taxpayers will understand that it was campaign contributions which precipitated Congressional regulatory neglect, not just allegations of Wall Street greed which propelled this economic crisis.” – Mark


“Please don’t steal our hard earned taxpayer money! You all should be ashamed to even think that you deserve a bonus of any kind. Let your conscious be your guide, if you have one.” – Andy


“I can't believe that AIG would accept bail out money from us, the tax payers, and turn around and GIVE bonuses to your employees as a gift - for what? That bonus money should be returned to the Federal Government for use by unemployed workers, children who need food, clothing and shelter, returning veterans, honest people who have lost their homes because of fraud by lending agencies and a host of other people far needier than AIG employees who already received a lot more than they(some of them ) are worth.

So come on, return that bonus money NOW.” – Anon.


“I, for one, would be more than happy to fund your execs for whatever they wish, IF they act with intelligence, discretion, honesty & transparency. But, as your execs have acted in ways opposing these, I cannot say they (you) have justified the receipt of my tax dollars.

Most of us struggle along on average paying salaries. We do our jobs well, are discrete if need be, are mostly honest and we keep our actions transparent. I expect you'll do likewise if you presume to abduct these funds, or give them up to worthy folks.” – Jon


“We think that all of them involved should be terminated and take a number in the unemployment line!!!!!” – Kerstin


“I think it is incomprehensible that someone can write a contract that rewards people for failure.

Rewards, or bonuses should always be related to work done, or performance, and also in part to the productivity/profitability of the company or the division within.

It seems to me that contracts that try to stipulate that a company should reward someone for failed performance (other than basic salary or hourly wages for time or work done) should be illegal.

Further, if these bonuses are in fact "retention" bonuses, they should not be paid since you should not want to retain said employees since clearly they did a failed performance. And don't try to say that they are irreplaceble or they are so special. There are many many who I am sure would be at least as qualified and perhaps of higher integrity.” – Gary


“AIG is a good reason why need and FDR stile New Deal, on a Global

Scale. Their is one part of Roosevelt 's New Deal, I find particularly

Appealing it was call a Monopoly Law. The Monopoly Law was used to

breakup Corporation that Gobbled up the Competition. I find this would

be a way send a message by leveling the playing field. The fact is

their is no real Competition, with regard to type of Insurance AIG

offers .” – Lee


“I cannot believe the news this morning. 165 million dollars in bonuses for a terrible job done!! Well maybe it wasn't so terrible for those who prospered on the backs of everyone else???!!!!

Executives should be fired from their positions. I heard someone else say, maybe we should kill one banker and hang him from the ticker on Wall Street to get our point across. This could actually make bankers more apt to do the right thing instead of raping our country. Its absolutely shameful the way our government has stepped aside and let the "have's" dictate everything, absolutely everything. Change is all we have left, because of the greed. I hope you all know, greed will be the downfall of this country, it is one of the seven deadliest sins and we are falling into its trap!! We have more enemies behind this greed, then ever before. I pray for our country and my children and grand children. What a complete mess with a scary twist!!

I believe all assets of the Executives should be seized by the government and all of the culprits should be banned from every doing any kind of financial business in the future, maybe they should dig ditches or do some infrastructure construction jobs for a while to see what its like to be a working class citizen.

I hope who reads this email will know, most everyone has the same opinion. If something isn't done, this country will fall quickly!!” – Lorri


“Can you come up with some compromise that

would give small bonuses to those who truly

made the company stronger and trim those

outrageous bonuses


True leadership involves seeing both sides

of an issue and working out a fair and

balanced compromise.” – Larry


“Absolutely unacceptable. It’s bad enough you pissed away the taxpayers money to give out undeserved bonuses the first time, but to do it a SECOND time? I think you should all be in jail. In my opinion, you are traitors to our country.” – Shawn


“Responsible organizations do not reward poor performance!” – Kim


“I think that you should apologize to the American people for your role in this disaster and then you and all the executives and board members should give back all the monies you have received and resign.

Your greed has hurt your country.” – Fred


“Who are the risk-takers who are collecting against loss from AIG, that now the American taxpayers are backing?

This is a tremendous redistribution of wealth in our country, from the pockets of taxpayers (who can ill afford it) to the pockets of the high-rollers.

Hedge funds and derivatives are un-American and will take down Wall Street and our government, if not made unlawful or shut down.

And paying huge bonuses to the very people who created this CDS fiasco, thru their greed and self-interest is unthinkable.

Congress should just say NO more.

There is not enough money in our economic system to shore up all the corporations, states, counties and cities, who will be standing in line next for handouts from the federal government. The pain is sure to come down, and it should not ALL be borne by the taxpayers, who are innocent of wrong-doing.” – Anon


“We must heal our nation and stop creating such greedy grabs for power 

in this country.” – Bonnie


“AIG-Those three letters invoke anger and outrage over the bonuses that are guaranteed by contracts, apparently despite the fact that those executives recklessly gambled funds on risky ventures, compounding their mistakes with an arrogance of upper class superiority. In small businesses, bonuses are related to the bottom line. If the company has done well, the employees get a certain percentage, if the company is faltering, that percentage is cut. And NO employee is guaranteed their job security if they've screwed up. They get fired. Since we've invested our tax dollars, 170 billion, in AIG, I would like to call a board meeting and fire those executives and replace them with educated middle class workers who understand budgets, balance sheets, and won't squander the funds entrusted to them by AIG customers. Whoever drew up those ridiculous contracts need to get fired, too. But then those attorneys probably wrote contracts that left them unassailable. A lot of us are mad as hell and don't want to take it anymore.” – Marg


“AIG is shameless!!!!! Here is what I recommend, since the taxpayer owns 80% of AIG, I suggest that our government takes over AIG , fires the executives that takes bonuses, reorganizes AIG, sells off the toxic assests and then sells AIG back to the private sector. In other words , nationalize it!!!!!!!” – Sharon


“I want to know the names of each and every one of these people who got



I want to know the names of each person who makes more than $1,000,000

in FY2008 and 2009.


I want to know how they think that they are entitled to these HUGE

bonuses even in good times.


It is the sweat off the back of every hardworking American somewhere in

the country that is making this money. And if it isn't from the sweat,

then it is fake money. If it is fake money, then return it.


AIG deserves to go bankrupt. at least then the American public with be



In any country other than the US, this would have happened. It needs to

happen. Too big to fail is too big to exist.” – Claire


“You people are pathetic. I am working in a private practice as a medical assistant after recently graduating medical school and I am awaiting to start residency this summer and I am disgusted that my tax money is going right into your pockets while I have about $200,000 in educational debt. You people ran your company down not me!!! You should all be ashamed and if you believe in heaven or hell I think you know where you are going. And if you don't believe in anything, believe that wherever you walk around people will always look at you in disgust, but you still have a chance to remedy all this, PAY THE MONEY BACK so we can use it to fix our economy and not the toys in your 6 car garages!” – Luis


“The contracts that you say you are obligated to follow would have been worthless without the bailout. Everything has changed. The entire department should have been fired on the day the first bailout was received. They are lucky that they are even receiving a paycheck.

What are you thinking?” – Roy


“Choose between being fired or giving back your bonus.” – Nan


“I think that all the money should be returned immediately. There is no sense in giving a bonus to people to drove the company into bankruptcy, in fact they should all be charged and sent to prison. The government is at fault also for not watching where our tax dollars are going. They are just as responsible as the men who drove AIG into bankruptcy.” – Kay


“Your arrogance and insensitivity is astounding. Your company probably should have been allowed to go bankrupt where the judge would cancel all bonuses. It is not a time of business as usual for you, that is avarice and greed and excess. It is a time for good business done well and reasonably. When all your friends and associates are getting bonuses whether they deserve them or not, bonuses seem normal to you. However, with the economy down, you company essesntially bankrupt and worthless and millions out of work and being forced out of their homes, bonuses are totally inappropriate, excessive and unearned. Pay them back or suffer the consequences. If the people getting the bonuses are the ones running the company and making the decisions and formulating the plans that have essentially destroyed the company and severly damaged the economy, I fail to see any justification for these bonuses.” – Alan


“It's time to pull the plug on this "so-called" public company. Now that the taxpayers own 80% of the corporation, it's time to liquidate the assets and shut it down. The executives who rode this entity into the sub strata and the regulators who allowed it to happen must be prosecuted.” Michael


“The hell with AIG, the CEO's should be fired with no money like President Sarkozy did in France.

When I first landed here in the States in 1971, I worked as an Interpreter for an International Lawyer and he told me that contracts were made to be broken.

Considering the very dire economic situation, the contracts of AIG should be broken and no money should be given as bonuses. Nowhere , I am sure, does it stipulate in the contracts that the bonuses should be paid with our money..

So therefore the contracts are void.

Government should take over and if those people who allowed to sink this company are not fired (nobody would want them anyway), then they should not get our bailout money.

I am not a Lawyer, but I am not stupid.” – Rosemary


“First name only please…unless he wants to cut me a check!

I’d like for you to live on my budget for 1 month. If you get a toothache – tough… you have to wait to save up some money. If your car quits, tough… you don’t have money to fix it. Run out of milk…start counting quarters so that you can get a gallon. Buy your clothes at a 2nd hand store or a yard sale to make sure that your bills are paid first. And I’m a Federal Employee of almost 20 years!

I don’t pay my taxes so that you can buy a 4th or 5th mansion.

You are completely out of touch. What makes me feel better is that what goes around does come around. It may not come around to you, but maybe someone that you care about…although with your lack of conscience, I question your ability to truly care about anything or anyone except yourself.” – Kathy


“Greed is not good! I can't believe the effort, manipulations and criminal thoughts that go into the way AIG has run and is running it's business. Now you are blackmailing the taxpayers. For shame!” – Heather


“I would just like the names and faces of these executives to be made publicly known. They need to be exposed to the tax payers that have to pay for their unearned bonuses.” – Don


“How dare they give bonuses to people who DID NOT do their job. Are taking money from honest hard working middle class people and think nothing of it. This is disgusting. They should all be fired, not given bonuses.” – Mike and Pam


“Mr.Liddy: You have one of the toughest jobs in the insurance/financial field. I met you when at Allstate. You did a great job there. You stepped into a toxic pile of AIG mistakes that went over the reasonable risk line. Now that I (taxpayer) am a shareholder in AIG, I encourage you to revamp the compensation system to reflect rewards based on long term outcomes. Anyone who takes the bonus is fired. Anyone who takes half the bonus has "job in jeopardy" conference since any truly concerned employee will recognize both the financial and political damage to any future assistance from the government. In the alternative, place AIG in bankruptcy and void all the contracts and allow for clawbacks of any previous transfers. Too big to fail is a concept that has helped Chrysler fail later and United Air Lines deteriorate. Good luck with tough choices.” – David


“I think it is disgraceful and shameful what AIG is doing. They are rewarding themselves with our hard earned bailout tax dollars while we are struggling to pay bills and make ends meet. If they had any conscience, these executives would not accept the bonus money, and instead, return it back to the federal government and our pockets. It simply isn't fair .Why should they be rewarded for their irresponsible acts? They should be fired! Any average American worker would be if they did the same thing and did not perform their job honestly and responsibly. If they accept the money, there should be penalties and fines incurred and the money should be repaid back to the government with interest added. I don't understand why this can't be done and why there may be a problem blocking the payout anyway. These are extenuating, troubling circumstances and sometimes rules and laws need to be broken and exceptions made. This is one of those exceptions. Loopholes are found in laws every day and surely, there must be a loophole to prevent AIG executives from receiving the money. They should also go to prison. Firm legislation must be put into place so that this situation never happens again.” – Cheryl


“AIG got us into this mess. It should not be rewarded with bailouts, if it constantly uses that money to hand bonuses over to its execs, whose actions resulted in the company’s destruction, and the near-collapse of our country’s financial markets. Why are the strings and checks on this company, and others like it, going to be applied to the next batch of bailout money, and weren’t applied to this batch? Whose idea was it to hand over this taxpayer money to AIG, without making this company accountable for how it would use the money, or to require its accountants to keep track of the bailout money, and to prepare a report for Congress and the American people, on how this money was used, where it went, and what it was used for?” – Wendy


“I am not sure if AIG is taking our economic crisis seriously when it rewards its executives with more than $165 million in bonuses from our tax payer money, but I do know it is seriously taking us taxpayers for a ride.” – Robert


“I work with executives as part of my coaching, leadership training, and

consulting business. I know that at times executives are not in touch with

the needs and  opinions of their employees. This knowledge gap is usually

due to denial, isolation from reality, and lack of empathy. The current

bonus situation, I believe, is such a case. The legal ramifications of

contracts are just an excuse for abuse! These are special times which

require special measures. Simply do the right thing by retracting these

bonuses! The memories of Americans are getting longer, not shorter and

patience has run out.” – Jerry


“No more money for you until the bonuses are returned to the taxpayers, PERIOD!” – Anon.




“To Whom It Concerns:

The fact that my (tax) money is being used to pay bonuses to AIG employees - which are over and above wages - to the very people who are responsible for AIG needing my (tax) money to bail themselves out is unfathomable.

My husband and I own a business. How about if we pay ourselves handsome salaries and then grossly mismanage it to the point of bankruptcy, then ask Joe and Jane Public via the U.S. Treasury to not only bail us out of the bankruptcy but to also give us a million or two on top of that so that we can retire and never look back?

Would AIG come to our rescue if we found ourselves in their situation? Have you ever heard of a bankrupt company paying bonuses? Or being held accountable to contracts guaranteeing them, especially to the people responsible for the bankruptcy?

Using taxpayer funds to keep financial markets from crumbling is bail-out; using tax payer funds to give those responsible for the crumble to begin with additional compensation is theft, pure and simple - not to mention pure idiocy. What would happen if AIG didn't pay the bonuses to these ex-employees? Would the ex-employees sue AIG? OK......and? Any judge worth his/her gavel would not only order the case thrown out but would fine them (a million or two?) for making further waste of taxpayer money in the court system.

It is beyond comprehension how blatantly criminal the payment of these bonuses is, yet it is being executed nonetheless. AIG is making a mockery of every citizen of this country - that pays taxes, that is.

Thank you Public Citizen for working against The Mockers.” – Michelle


“Wall Street got it's self into this mess by faulty speculation and fraud. The nation got into this mess by letting these CEOs control trade policy, sending production overseas. Now, after the bailout, their still screwing us over, just this time we're paying them to.
Freeze forclosure, fix the factories, let Wall Street crash.” – Lily


“I want to tell AIG that they can pay out bonuses when they have paid the taxpayers back EVERY cent they took in stimulus funds, with interest. When they will have shown that they turned things around and made a profit honestly, then I believe their employees...not just the top dogs, but ALL of their employees, deserve a bonus. Certainly not before.” – Karen


“I think it is totally ridiculous for anyone to expect a bonus when most

people are lucky to have jobs and are scraping to get by. As for the

PIGS at AIG they ought to be fired for creating the mess their company

is in NOT getting a bonus. Their excepting a bonus check is like giving

the middle finger to every single American Taxpayer.” – Kim


“Don't forget to share the blame with the Congress you corrupted.” – Anon.


“I don't believe that it is appropriate to award bonuses to senior management of a company that is only surviving because of massive infusions of taxpayers monies.” – Lisa


“If the miscreants refuse to return their ill-gotten bonuses, they should be fired immediately. Let them take their "expertise" elsewhere.” – John


“Have you no shame????” – Tim


“As a business owner myself, I consider the needs of my least paid employee before my own. It is unconscionable to give huge bonuses to executives that already have more than they need. I am horrified by the level of greed in your organization. If you have any sense at all you will give your executives minimum wage for a year instead of a bonus. Or maybe they should be out of jobs like all the people that have been laid off because of their failures and yours.” – Julie


“Mr. Liddy, As CEO of A.I.G., you are a PIRATE! Resignation is your only choice.” – C.R.


“Unspeakable greed! I do not know how these people can sleep at night. Totally amoral!” – Rebecca


“Dear Mr. Edward M. Liddy, I personally feel that your actions in helping create the financial crisis with the irresponsible practices AIG used, and then your willingness to profit from that same irresponsibility are criminal.” – Susie


“AIG must back off from its insistence on giving out huge "bonuses" per 

a "contractual agreement." Contracts were made to be broken, and the 

situation has changed since the initial contract was drawn up. It is 

simply not true that AIG needs to reward employees for failure because 

they're supposedly "the best and the brightest." There are many 

thousands of other equally bright and talented financial people—many 

of them put out of work through no fault of their own—who would be 

only too happy to be hired to do this work.” – Alice


“AIG is completely out of touch with reality. My concern is that Congress maintains touch with the reality that we the people will not sit by while the Management of AIG hand themselves over millions of dollars of taxpayer money.

I didn't create the situation with AIG, the banks, and the economy in general. I didn't put money ahead of everything including common sense and ethics. I didn't get a piece of the pie that was devoured by corrupt, pout of touch bankers. I didn't want to bail you out. You don't get a bonus this year. There will be no raise this year. As a member of the largest stockholder group of AIG - I say no more. Resignations are being excepted at this time.

My only question is this: Who will be the first to give back the money they are not entiotled to and have not earned?” – Bill


“I'm outraged and disgusted with the way our money is being handled and spent. There has to be

better supervision.We are loosing homes, jobs, and are not able to provide for our families but then

it's okay for these executives to get million of dollars in bonuses that we are paying for.

It is not fair and it is not right.” – Ana



            If you felt that you had to pay the bonuses - put the money away and 

when their division was profitable again you would pay the bonus.

            Another thought  -so if they insisted on their bonus now who needs 

them as employees - they obviously can't take responsibility for their 

actions and do whatever to correct their mistakes.

            We are very tired of the "richer" who feel they don't have to share 

the burden of hard times.” – Gail


“I think that all AIG employees are frauds! All of YOU have stolen our hard earned tax money we send to IRS every year. You have given yourselves this money sinfully for your own enjoyment. My tax dollars were not to go into your high end living, it was to go to help people in this horrible economy which you all have caused. You should have all your assets taken away & returned to the American people whom you stole it from. You should all be fired, as I am sure there are honest people than can do your job & probably a whole lot better than what you have demonstrated to us. You should all go to jail & join Madoff, as you are exactly like him cheating frauds. All the money you put into a bank out of the country should be recovered & returned to the American people, because that is what this bail out money was for & it is MY MONEY!! It was not for you ass holes to get richer on the backs of us hard working people who are barely able to survive day to day. IRS should go over your tax returns line by line over the last 15 years & if you have off shore money hidden; it should be recovered & repaid to the taxpayers!!

How can you scum balls look in the mirror everyday & think you are a “good” person, knowing you are nothing but liars & cheaters?? You have no conscience in you souls, as you have proved to all American’s that you all are Evil Greedy People! I hope.” – Charlotte


“Jail time is appropriate.” – Anon


"It amazes me, the gall some people have! I find it unreal that a company would use my money to compensate employees for misuse of funds. Please pay these people from your own money, not the taxpayers'.” – Carlos


“AIG should be left to sink in its own mess - they should not be given 

money. Government should focus spending at this time on lending to new 

green businesses. Debts from dodgy loans should be written off and 

people given the money they invested. Why prop-up an organization that 

is corrupt and is paying bonuses to corporate wonks that are addicted 

to greed and lining their own pockets.” – Ben


“As a taxpayer I'm outraged that your company could ask for taxpayer money to bail you out a financial mess you got yourselves into, and then turn around and pay bonuses to the management that got you into the mess in the first place. As a taxpayer and a business owner, this makes NO sense to me.

And on a more personal business note, you need to examine what the company's policies and behavoir are doing to your bottom line of all divisions. We sell your TravelGuard product, which is a very good product, with good service behind it. But our sales have fallen off drastically. Just in this last week we had 4 different parties turn down insurance ONLY because TravelGuard is owned by AIG. After many years of successfully selling TravelGuard (since before AIG purchased the compnay), I am being forced to look into selling another travel insurance product to keep from losing sales.

If you want to save AIG, you need to save your reputation first. Start making SMART business policies that restore faith in AIG for the citizens of this country.” – Kathryn


“They might have contracts,the question is why? They should be fired from top to bottom and then let them reapply without bonuses.” – Don


“I have a really hard time understanding how the employees who helped get us into this mess now should be receiving a bonus. I think that whether it is in their contracts or not, that there is probably also a clause about performing their job correctly. Had that been done, you wouldn't now need to use my tax dollars to pay this pin-heads a bonus.

I can guarantee you that I will never do any business in the future, in any way shape or form, with your company, it's subsidiaries, etc. And I guarantee that I will research carefully to be sure that I avoid AIG in the future. Not to mention being sure to mention this fact with anyone I do business with. One way or another, this will cost you more than you know. Please rethink your stance, and take a stand for what is morally right, as opposed to what the pretend corporate value mind set is.” – Lauri


“Isn't it strange all the rest of us have to work for a living , while thieves like you at AIG , literally steal OUR money for your own fatcat greed. You should be SO proud. I hope you all go to jail with Madoff for the rest of your lives ! Shame on you all for such arrogance as to think you deserve a" bonus " for what you do , which is NOTHING. College boy attitudes which are no better than a thief taking money from all our pockets with a gun in your hand. I hope you sleep well, because the ire of the American people will change that to you sleeping with one eye open for fear of the retribution that’s coming to all of you.

.Enjoy prison….I hear Big Bubba is lonely for new friends.” – Gary


“Have you no decency?

Have you no shame?

What do you render in the social contract that saved your job?” – Neil


“It is incomprehensible that a company like yours, who has taken so much money from the Government (and that is we the taxpayers) and then paid off those same individuals who made the decisions which undermined the stability of your company. Do you not “get it” that our country financially is bankrupt? That we have millions of people in our country who are out of jobs, have homes in foreclosure, and have bills that cannot be paid? Do you not understand that greedy people and companies such as yours are largely responsible for where our country is financially?

The conditions that we are all facing now are the result of greediness and unregulated business practices. No one wants the federal government to run businesses and industries. However, when greedy and self-serving individuals in companies such as yours runaway with people’s savings, retirement, etc. it is time for increased regulation.

It is extremely difficult to comprehend what was the reasoning for such dishonest and opportunist behavior by educated people. You are an example of what is despicable and extremely corrupt. People like you are not to be trusted and someone must regulate your behavior. Where was the ethics training for you and your employees that all of us get somewhere as we mature?” – Zelma


“Dear AIG,
I would like to know how much money the AIG executives responsible for the credit default swaps have already made on this "financial product". At one time this was a highly profitable venture so I assume they have already been highly paid for their efforts. It seems however that since these profits were obtained at the cost of bankrupting your company and bringing down the global economy, perhaps the executives who are in line for bonuses should rather be in line for criminal prosecution and forfeiture of all of their personal assets. The idea of merely withholding some or all of their bonuses is totally inadequate. What these guys did is worse than what Bernie Madeoff did and Bernie is looking at 150 years in prison.” - Joe


“There are insufficient words to convey the disappointment and anger at how U.S. capitalism has been abused by greed and against the interest of the entire country. The pain and lost resulting to millions of Americans by the overly risky and unscrupulous actions of a core group of corporate ‘gangsters’ is immeasurable. Objectively speaking, others such as Congress and national public agency officials also failed us by not providing oversight and appropriate levels of controls.

As Americans we must stop allowing ourselves to be lead by the nose by individuals (so-called leaders) whom we have been way too lacks in demanding greater accountability from them – the ones we voted for!

We must be engaged and stay informed at what actions are being proposed to move us out of this economic mess, and also demand appropriate investigations and punishment for those who committed illegal conduct. Additionally, certainly not reward shear incompetence and certainly clean-house (corporately and otherwise) of such individuals.” – Juan


“Your behavior is disgraceful and un-american. You and your cronies deserve no public support.” – John


“give the money back the american public is not stupid this money should never have been given to you in the first place if any money goes out it should go out to the working people an we will pick how to spend it not rich corporations or their rich employees or benefactors.” – Anon


“The taking of bonuses paid for by taxpayer dollars is truly un-American, and shameful.

Please, take personal responsibility.

Help your fellow citizens, many of whom are in deep financial straits.

Give back your bonuses.” - James


“Some nerve, bud.

All of you in the grasp of a long-term, giddy shortsightedness and greed need to take a sober look at the destruction you continue to bring about.

Look up the word bonus. There is nothing in its definition(s) remotely related to the monies you are awarding yourselves from the rest of the people in this country.

We are moving beyond the Shame on you slot; now, I think we need to start looking at putting some nervy, greedy asses in front of judges to account for the theft being perpetrated.” – Jennifer


“When you decide to no longer be greedy and REPAY the money you have stolen, then and only then will you be free.” – Martha


“As a Professional Recruiter here in Houston, Tx I am truly offended at the audacity of these Senior level Executives. I work long and hard to help both companies and individuals find new opportunities within each other. I try to pride jobs and income for many people each year. While I am well-compensated, not nearly to the extent of these disgusting individuals who add nothing to our society. They have become a burden on all of us and the time has come to cut the safety rope. Just as my company would not get a bail-out if run into the ground, AIG should be forced to file Bankruptcy and cut the ties these greedy Executives have to this company. When incompetency and greed is so flagrant and affects all of us, we need to take action.

God knows I would love to get some calls from these disgusting individuals from our local office in order to try to find new positions. That would pretty much make my year if I would tell them how I feel and NOT help them find new positions.” – Lance


“I personally do not care what was written into anyone's contract or whether or not those contracts were signed by the current or former management. There is no law that says that any recipient of these "bonuses" has to take the money. Everyone in line for one of these obscene payoffs, stolen from the pockets of US taxpayers, can simply decline to take the money-- and this is what they had better do if they want anyone to believe that they give a damn about the country.” – Anon


“Citizen Libby - What kind of company leadership continues to reward the criminal schemes of it highest paid employees at the expense of literally everyone else - the Titanic comes to mind, a ship of fools, fiddling all the way down. Money doesn't float, and it won't insulate you from the disaster you have created. That none of you has returned the ill gotten gains, slashed your salary, rolled dup your sleeves to save the company, clearly shows that you are not leaders, just dangerous ego-driven takers. You are the problem with the campaign finance/lobby revolving door of self-enriching manipulations on the backs of fellow Americans. Contracts that can't be broken by fiduciary malfeasance and failure to perform, my ass.” – Toni


“I'm not sure how effective an email campaign directed toward Mr. Liddy 

will even be.  AIG--and its top executives--just don't get it.” – Melanie






“I don't believe that you really need to worry about your 'key' executives  leaving if they don't get their huge, undeserved bonus's. Who would hire them? I would just love to interview one or more of when they are applying for a job. If we, the taxpayers, own 80% of AIG as reported in the press, we ought to clean house for you, since you don't have the stones to do it yourself.” – John


“We think that all the ones involved should be terminated right away and then maybe take a number in the unemployment line!!!!!!” – Kerstin


“First of all, why should we, the American people, pay for a company to be bailed out when it was the Company's mismanagement and greed that got it where it is now? And secondly, why would we give this company money, when they are going to turn around and reward the same people that got them into this mess with bonuses? This is obscene on so many levels. I rarely agree with the Republicans on anything, but yesterday one of the Senators said that AIG execs should do what Japanese execs have done, either surrender to authorities or commit suicide. This is what has been wrong with our Country for eight long years. The Bush administration had the philosophy that "greed is good" and that all the execs and their companies were benefiting from us on the backs of all of us regular workers. Now we are being screwed again by these companies by having to use our taxpayer monies to bail them out? I say no more money, and these bonuses should be ordered back, whether the people who took them are with or have left AIG We have had ENOUGH!!!” – Anon.


“The idea that excessive "retention bonuses" are required for the wreckless and greedy execs that took AIG and the rest of the economic system into the ditch is ridiculous. Any normal employee with comparable results would be fired in a heartbeat. AIG management needs to reconnect to the real world.” – Anon.


“Aside from the greed, which is egregious, and the use of taxpayer

dollars to reward unnecessarily risky behavior, which is outrageous,

there is, as a result of these actions, the trickle down of cynicism

to the rest of the country that undermines everything we do as a

nation.  How in the world will we ever be able to fix our country if

there is not a sense of shared responsibility and

accountability?  How in the world will any of us be able to trust the

other?  Who are we and what do we value?


My message to AIG is this:  you are the worst example of capitalism

run amok; you are an insatiable beast that feeds off your fellow

citizens; your children, your partners, and your parents should be

ashamed of you.” – Carolyn


“As a new part owner of AIG, I vote for a complete audit of every dollar of taxpayer money given to AIG. Any bonus paid to any employee working for any part of the company that participated in any way the crap game they ran that has led to this financial meltdown should be repaid to the U.S. Treasury with interest within 90 days.” – Earl


“Tell AIG ... no, tell Congress ... that AIG is a product of

a cavalier mentality, which permits corporate America

to engage in criminal activities to the detriment of the nation.

Tell Congress that AIG is simply a symptom ... and may,

if Congress has any backbone ... become a catalyst for

curbing the instrument of greed, FRAUD.

And tell Congress to use Google ... pick any corporate entity

and the word FRAUD ... and see what comes up ... before

Congress forks over billions to it.” – Terry


“1) IF you are an American who has America's best interests at heart, YOU will find a way for your employees (current and former) to give back all of our, the taxpayers', money used for bonuses/retention payoffs. PERIOD.

2) If you have any pride at all you will resign along with all of the rest of the top management and all who exhibited such egregious behavior

3) The era of Gordon Gecko and greed IS OVER!!!!!!

Just a guy and his wife who work hard and take care of my grandfather who lost a lot of his retirement savings.” – Mike


“Needless to say, it is difficult to see my tax dollars bolstering those who were responsible for the mess we are now in. Of course, management needs to be held responsible.

However, I think that backing down on business contracts provides a slippery slope. If the increases, as high as they are, were made to rank-and-file traders who operated outside the decision-making process of management, AND had no idea that their actions were wrong, then maybe they could argue the validity of the remuneration for their performance. But any money that goes to individuals who participated in fraudulent activity (which I would include as knowing the securities were at risk for default), or who failed to exercise prudence in assessing the propriety of their actions, should be held accountable for such behavior and have their bonuses suspended, or refunded.

Finally, shame on all of you for allowing this to come to light so late!!” – Peter

“Why should the executives who steered AIG into a shipwreck that's already received billions in bailouts and is requesting more get any bonuses at all? That kind of greed and excess is what got in this trouble in the first place. Shame! Do you ever think about the number of children who are homeless and hungry because of the folly of AIG and the rest of Wall Street?” – Liz


“To all AIG management employees: Anyone who believes he or she deserves a bonus under these financial and business circumstances should make their case publicly. There may be written or unwritten commitments for such bonuses that predate the acceptance of government monies, but such must be considered rescinded and at the very least considered voidable by principles of equity.

AIG need a restructuring of its management with resignations and terminations, if necessary. It then must undergo a “break up” so that it is no longer so big as to be able to impact our country or the world in this fashion---ever again.” – Constantine


“You shouldn’t even be appearing before a House subcommittee – you should be in prison.” – John


“UNBELIEVABLE!!! How arrogant can AIG get to think we can bail them out and then expect $165M for the poor job they did in the first place. The excuse that it is in their contract is just about as ridiculous. Just as the CEO saying they need the bonuses to attract "the best and the brightest." Give me a break. If these are the best and the brightest I would hate to see who is running the rest of the company.” – Anon.


“In light of the unpresidented downturn in the economy

I think your company has shown itself to be all for itself this in spite of the fact it has taken a tremendous amount of taxpayer money.Even if the bonuses were discussed beforehand perhaps your executive staff could have been talked out of taking their bonuses for the good of the company image.The government wanted to help you survive. You have tarnished your company's image and have really turned it into grist for the mill.” – S.J.


“You are beyond vile. Every hardworking union man and woman in this country has had their contracts shredded like so much confetti, but YOU slimebags deserve MILLIONS of my tax dollars??? Um, I don’t think so.” – Susan


“Now that AIG has been handed the largest socialist subsidy bailout in history, they need to stop acting like greedy capitalists and remember that it is the TAXPAYER, unwilling though he / she may be, that is PROVIDING the bailout money to them. Therefore, it is imperative that AIG begin answering to US.” – Allen


“I want someone to justify why a bonus was necessary for employees who work for a failing organization! Bonuses are performance based incentives. Obviously AIG has not been performing or it would not have needed multiple bailout monies from the federal government so how could any of the employees there be eligible for any bonus?

After the first bailout money was provided, the AIG execs went on an expensive retreat. This caused media attention and some political posturing but NO CONSEQUENCE for AIG. If there is again no consequence for AIG, this behavior will continue. As a responsible, working tax payer I am outraged and livid that my government, my elected officials have allowed this and have taken no action.

As recent history has shown, this email will make no difference to anyone at all. My opinion matters not. Business as usual will continue in Washington and our real national credo will be reinforced: America is a nation led by a government that is of the bankers, by the bankers and for the bankers.” – Carol


“I have heard, and am hearing right now, on NPR, about the AIG bonuses. I’m sure there is more to the issue than we know,; on the other hand, it is appropriate for high level employees make sacrifices, just as a lot of people all of the USA are. It would be nice to think everyone would volunteer to take a loss, in support of the health of all of us, but it doesn’t seem to be the way some people think. Isn’t it too bad? Locally, many people have volunteered to take a loss, volunteer their services, and speak out for the benefit of the larger community – but not all. Please rethink the way AIG employees are paid -- including salaries and bonuses—to make the buy out more palatable to the larger public, and healthier for the general financial health of the USA and the global economy. Thank you for considering my thoughts.” – Berry


“I know there was a reason I hated the AIG insurance and switched!

Bonuses to the people who made such a mess of AIG that it required a huge government bailout? Are you freakin' kidding me?!?!? People get bonuses for doing a GOOD job, not a BAD one.

And all this with taxpayer money when millions of people are being laid off, downsized, let go and learning to live with depleted 401Ks, 529s, disappearing retirement funds and no health insurance?



“Some good may come from AIG activities. You may have brought us closer to exploding the myth of the virtue of unregulated corporate activity.” – John


“Keep doing what you are doing because the US Government is allowing you to act "as usual" by bailing you out! The real problem is with Congress and Barney Frank & Chris Dodd! They facilitated this whole economic melt-down and need to go to JAIL!” – Bert


“I know Mr. Liddy inherited this particular mess & I do believe a contract is a contract & should be honored. I also believe the Treasury & Congress need to also take responsibility for not putting stricter measures on companies accepting TARP. Stop crying over spilled milk & let's move forward. Review & tighten the clauses for companies who accept TARP money at this point. Add a special bonus-tax to all recipients that work for companies that take TARP money & increasing the percentage based on the bonus size. A public notice (a wall of shame) listing all recipients that accept these bonuses can have an interesting affect. I think this whole thing is shameful but we all saw it coming. The insurance business has always been the biggest scam & most of the people that sell it are at the bottom of the ethical scale... so this is no surprise to me. I just hope that the government & businesses come to see this as an opportunity to reclaim what was once good about this country... & not the greed that has beset us for the last 10 years.” – Pamela


“This is absolutely ridiculous! There are thousands of people out there giving up raises and bonuses just to keep their job or to allow the workers below them to keep their jobs. Shame on you AIG! How can you justify bonuses with my tax money? With everyone else giving up “perks” just to keep their jobs! Americans need to band together, not worry about who gets “perks” because it is needed to keep good employees. If your folks don’t like it, send them packing, there are a lot of good folks out there that will gladly take their place, with no bonus!!!” – Tamara


“I support the statement by Senator Grassley who said the Executive of AIG should do what a Japanese Executive would do in the same situation: resign or kill himself.” – Dwight


“How dare they take our money and give out bonuses (didn't they learn their lesson when we were outraged over the Retreats they went on)?” – Wilma


“ENOUGH I'm with the Senator say your sorry and commite suicide. LET THE BANKS FAIL AND THE CHIPS FALL WHERE THEY MAY then you will be in my world.” – Ellen


“SCUMBAGS.........” – Mike


“You are a bunch of Thieves, Give back those bonus's you did not earn.Next- Resign.” – Barbara


“Your conduct has been so despicable and so hurtful, in so many ways, to people I know personally, that I can no longer consider you among the community of human beings.” – Scott


“Bonuses should be tied to performance! There is nothing about your company’s recent performance that would indicate any of you are deserving of bonuses.

In a time when taxpayers are giving you a bailout and thousands of taxpayers find themselves out of work, your actions are irresponsible, at best.

Instead of bonuses, I would like to see your executives given mandatory community service assignments, to pay us back, just a little, for the damage you have done.” – Marie


“I find it interesting that the UAW members @ GM & Chrysler who have contracts are being asked for concessions even though neither of those firms received 175 billion. It seems as if SOME contracts are more sacred than others.” – George


“I was outraged to read in the Sunday NEW YORK TIMES that AIG is planning to pay out $165 million in bonuses to executives in the same business unit that brought the company to the brink of collapse last year. This is intolerable. AIG seems to be a black hole into which the government is pumping scarce financial resources--$170 billion, so far. The federal government must establish strict guidelines that if a company is to receive federal bailout monies--no bonuses. If bonuses, i.e. retention pay, are written into company contracts, then these contracts must be renegotiated. This is common sense. The world has changed with the crash of the financial markets and, hopefully, this will signal the end of extravagant executive compensation.

In a letter to Secretary of the Treasury Geithner, Edward Liddy wrote: “We cannot attract and retain the best and the brightest talent to lead and staff the A.I.G. businesses — which are now being operated principally on behalf of American taxpayers — if employees believe their compensation is subject to continued and arbitrary adjustment by the U.S. Treasury.” That is a totally fallacious, ridiculous argument. After all, it was the "best and the brightest" that got us into this mess in the first place, and they should not be rewarded with continuing bonuses. These overpaid executives should be thankful they still have jobs.

Besides the issue of AIG's appalling bonus expenditures, AIG revealed Sunday that it used more than $90 billion in federal aid to pay out dozens of foreign and domestic banks, some of whom had received their own rescue funds from the
U.S. government.

Some of the biggest recipients of the AIG money were Goldman Sachs at $12.9 billion, and three European banks, reported the Associated Press:
France's Societe Generale at $11.9 billion, Germany's Deutsche Bank at $11.8 billion and Britain's Barclays PLC at $8.5 billion. Merrill Lynch, which is under federal scrutiny for its bonus plans, received $6.8 billion as of Dec. 31. Other banks receiving funds included Bank of America ($5.2 billion), UBS of Switzerland ($5 billion), Citigroup ($2.3 billion) and Wachovia ($1.5 billion).

Even worse, Barclay's Bank, recipient of $8.5 of the AIG bailout, will help fund Barclay's naming rights deal for Forest City Enterprises developer Bruce Ratner’s proposed $1 billion Barclays Center basketball arena, the centerpiece of the company’s floundering Atlantic Yards development plan in Brooklyn, New York.

Obviously AIG must be strictly supervised in regard to its expenditure of federal bailout money. Otherwise, AIG will continue to be a bottomless black hole, sucking up taxpayer money with no end in sight.” – Jean


“AIG must state precisely how much more money they, when precisely they'll pay it back (including what they have already received from the Bushies), specific salary lowering for all their employees and removal (with prosecution) of the top management. If not, stop giving them any more money! Let the incompetent company fold. Just let their good customers go to another, more competent, company. The management and the shareholders do not deserve as good treatment.” - Will


“The taxpayers who have "bailed" you out, are now on the hook for your bad judgement. You should NOT be rewarded for your horrible decisions. "Bonuses" are supposed to be for EXEMPLARY performance, not shameful ones. Shame on you. Do NOT take the money you don't deserve! If you have already, return it to the taxpayers and hang your heads in shame as you crawl off to your ill gotten mansions! If you haven't received it, don't.” – Robert


“so you think it's okay to lose so much money in your business because of

mistakes you made, you all made, and then ask the government to save you

from going bankrupt, and then turn around and reward those that sunk the

business in the first place with money that you got from taxpayers?  

You think

that's okay?  Because no one else outside of your crazy world where

nothing really adds up thinks it's okay.  It's criminal and should be 


as such.  The government should never have given you or any one of your

ilk any bail out.  Unfortunately I'm sure you don't care what we the 

people think.

That's a shame.” – Melissa


“If AIG is too big to fail after its deliberate Greed-driven piracy of our financial system, then it must be BROKEN UP into smaller firms that can be allowed to fail!” – Patrick


“If they can't live without bonuses, then you need to resign. If they can't live like others who have been forced to live by them, then we don't want them involved in the use of our money. We don't give money to people who created a fiasco. We lend money to out-of-the-box thinkers who can come up with win-win solutions. We have no confidence in 'the best and brightest of Wall Street'. They appear to be a crowd of grabbers for their own good. They didn't win their way to their positions through performance. Their MBA's were based on college exams (alot of memorization at that). Street experience along with responsible smarts would have put society in a better position rather than where these executives have put us.” – Rosemary


“Dear Sirs; Get your act together. We need to check when the contracts took place, to make sure it was not done after they found out there would be restrictions. Also, there needs to be some responsibility on all the exectives part. Greed is what got them there in the first place, so let;s make them accountable.” – Joan


“I am appalled, angry and discouaged at the theiving and greedy behavior of people who already have way more than most of us could hope for. I am vehemently against tax dollars helping such crooks. I have worked hard my entire life and have been responsible financially. I have seen my retirement investments disappear at the hands of crooks. I believe each and every one of these people should be made to pay back the money with fines and jail time. These people have caused the ruination of many peoples’ lives and our country in general. I have no compassion whatsoever for them and I would like to see justice carried out and NO MORE SCHEMING!!!” - Rebecca


“AIG and Madoff are the tip of the iceberg.  From the information we are

reading Bernanke and his sly lackey partner Geithner are saving their

outrageously corrupt system by devastating citizens who are already

broke from their previous corruption.   These elite money men who have

made their fortunes off of us common now broken people  want not only to

save their sinister system but even bring back the main culprits that

got us into into this mess--securitization like CDO's and the like.

Cleverly they are marching forward to greater conglomeration of our

banking system using our bailout money to gobble up small banks.  We are

on our way to having a global banking system to the detriment of the

whole world and we here in the US are its fountainhead.   Citizens and

people from your organization  need to read such articles as those in

Counterpunch written by honest people in-the-know like Michael Hudson,

Pam Marten, Mike Whitney and former Regan Assistant Secretary of the

Treasury Paul Craig Roberts.  Just this week another, David Harvey,

summed up in a brilliant article that the banks are consolidating and we

are soon to be left with the few mega bank.  On Democracy Now not so

long ago Representative Kaptur from Ohio said the big banks were in her

state buying up the small ones.  We need to get the real truth out. and

all of our citizen organization must concentrate on our reality.   Obama

and his Democrats aren't turning out to be  better than the Republicans

but in the end might be worse as they are working from behind a more

democratic face and in that sense, and as bad as communications are in

this country, they conceal our reality.” – Anon


“I am so sick and tired of the blatant greed of these CEOs. Who do they think they are? They are the reason we are in this mess, and they want to give out how much in bonuses? And if they think the American public is too stupid to understand what they are doing, they are mistaken. They froze the bonus amounts when they knew what was happening to their companies. They are disgusting. They are despicable. They are getting rich off the backs of the working poor. I have lost so much money, and nobody is going me any bonus. I’m not even getting a raise AGAIN this year – that makes four in a row. And quite frankly, Congress isn’t much better. They fought the cost of living raise increase for many years, but made sure they got their cost of living raises to the tune of $27,000 each. I am sick of Politicians. I am stick of Corporate America. I am sick of Lobbyists. I have no faith left. I understand what Michele Obama meant when she said she was finally proud to be an American. I am not proud – as a matter of fact, I am embarrassed. Tell these CEO’s to stop.” – Elaine


“AIG and other banks are responsible for the loss of hundreds of 

billions, even trillions of dollars. Now, if we were talking about the 

destruction of physical property of that value, we'd be talking I 

think about the greatest act of terrorism in the history of the world. 

And there would be no doubt how we would deal with the perpetrators. 

Your recklessness, and the recklessness under your leadership, your 

watch, has caused harm to pretty much everyone on earth on a scale 

similar to a world war. You should stand up and take responsibility 

for your actions.


When Oedipus discovered that he had unknowingly killed his father, 

married his mother, and brought misery to the people of Thebes, he 

recognized his responsibility for his actions, put out  his own eyes 

and gave up his throne. And you, who have overseen one of the greatest 

crisis of the past 60 years, what has been your response? You demand 

to be rewarded!


I'm not the vindictive sort. But you who got us into the crisis are 

still trying to behave the same way and looking to get out with as 

much personal gain as you can, rather than now providing leadership 

and sacrifice to meet this challenge. I don't ask that you all be 

executed or thrown in jail for life as terrorists would. I prefer that 

you give up your wealth, OUR wealth, and that you spend the rest of 

your lives working unselfishly to better the world. You better get 

started.” – Christopher


“Dear Mr. Liddy -- Just do the right thing. You know what it is.” – Joanna