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Tell your representatives today: Support single-payer national health care

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On April 15, the Leadership Conference for Guaranteed Health Care is launching a nationwide call-in day for single-payer national health care.

We want lawmakers to hear our message loud and clear: Taxpayer dollars should go to people, not insurance companies. Support single-payer national health care now.

Lesser reform proposals would have our taxes subsidize insurance company profits, not pay for real health care. Instead, we should give everyone access to high-quality care and remove the for-profit interests that are responsible for skyrocketing health care costs. Only a single-payer national health insurance program can achieve this.

So, on April 15, join with thousands of others to call on Congress to support single-payer legislation in both the House (HR676) and the Senate (S703).

Your support does make a difference. We now have 74 cosponsors for HR676.

We must maintain this momentum and keep the pressure on lawmakers. Congress has held several hearings on health reform but has failed to include even a single expert to discuss the single-payer solution.

We must ensure that single-payer advocates are included in health reform discussions.

If you don't know who represents you in Congress, or you'd like some pointers on what to say, check out our National Call-In Day page.

If you know your representative and senators, the Capitol Switchboard number is 866-338-1015. Ask to be connected, and then ask your lawmaker to support HR676 or S703. If your representatives are already cosponsors, thank them.

The injustice in our health care system must end. If Congress is serious about health reform, it will support single-payer health care now. Call your representatives today.

After you've called, let us know how it went! Email us at