Will you take just one more action for single-payer health care?

Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, Montana, Pennsylvania and Washington have made great progress in establishing single-payer on a State-wide level. In fact, the California state legislature passed a single-payer bill twice in the past three years, only to have it vetoed by Gov. Schwarzenegger each time.

While a national single-payer system would be better, if we don't get legislation creating one this year, states need waivers to allow them to pool federal funding for healthcare and changes to federal laws that preempt states from enacting their own health reform, to allow them to provide comprehensive, universal, and equitable health coverage for their residents.
Reps. Kucinich, Conyers, and Massa are pushing hard to include this provision in any health reform legislation considered this year.

Please ask your Representative to support this.

Again, thank you for taking action!