Revoke HSBC’s Corporate Charter

Tell Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler There Should Be No Such Thing as “Too Big To Jail”

By refusing to prosecute global banking behemoth HSBC for laundering hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of alleged terrorists in the Middle East and drug cartels in Mexico and Colombia, the Department of Justice is sending the message that Big Banks are above the law.

The evidence against London-based HSBC – the third largest bank in the world, with more than $2.5 trillion in assets – was overwhelming. But, instead of pursuing criminal charges, the Justice Department simply fined HSBC $1.9 billion – which sounds like a lot, until you realize that’s only about a month’s worth of profit for the bank.

HSBC’s slap on the wrist is a slap in the face to anyone who believes that there should be no such thing as “too big to jail.”

Join Public Citizen in calling for punishment that could actually deter corporate crime:

Demand justice. Add your name to the petition to revoke HSBC’s corporate charter.



We, the undersigned, call on you to use your authority to forfeit HSBC’s corporate charter. HSBC is a large corporation, but should enjoy no special privilege because of its size. A Maryland corporate charter should signal integrity, and we ask that you uphold this standard.

Why Petition Maryland's Attorney General?

The US division of HSBC is chartered in the state of Maryland. Under Maryland law, the attorney general has the power to forfeit a company’s corporate charter as punishment for engaging in organized crime. Charter forfeiture would represent a strong new tool states could use to enforce the integrity of corporate behavior.

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16391 Thu Jan 31 18:14:43 EST 2013 Steven Prchal
16390 Thu Jan 31 18:14:43 EST 2013 Annabelle Herbert
16389 Thu Jan 31 18:14:43 EST 2013 Catherine Armijo
16388 Thu Jan 31 18:14:39 EST 2013 Charles Donegan
16387 Thu Jan 31 18:14:39 EST 2013 steve raynis
16386 Thu Jan 31 18:14:38 EST 2013 Dennis Wyszynski
16385 Thu Jan 31 18:14:37 EST 2013 John Bergendahl No one is above the law. Just enforce the law please!
16384 Thu Jan 31 18:14:35 EST 2013 Michael Garitty
16383 Thu Jan 31 18:14:34 EST 2013 Howard Holmes
16382 Thu Jan 31 18:14:31 EST 2013 Carol Gloor This bank accepted payments from ordinary citizens on their mortgages, then foreclosed and refused to negotiate when those people lost their jobs or became ill. Jail is too good for the officers of this More....
16381 Thu Jan 31 18:14:29 EST 2013 Deisha Garcia
16380 Thu Jan 31 18:14:27 EST 2013 Brian Flaherty
16379 Thu Jan 31 18:14:24 EST 2013 Norman Crouter
16378 Thu Jan 31 18:14:22 EST 2013 Irwin Friedman
16377 Thu Jan 31 18:14:20 EST 2013 Anonymous
16376 Thu Jan 31 18:14:20 EST 2013 Mary Time to seek justice for the people you suffer the most from these banks greed is that not what your department stand for.Shame on all of you for being such cowards.
A bunch of good men who do nothing More....
16375 Thu Jan 31 18:14:13 EST 2013 James Murphy
16374 Thu Jan 31 18:14:13 EST 2013 Eugene Jay
16373 Thu Jan 31 18:14:12 EST 2013 Doug Howard
16372 Thu Jan 31 18:14:11 EST 2013 nancy
16371 Thu Jan 31 18:14:09 EST 2013 Michele Reynolds
16370 Thu Jan 31 18:14:08 EST 2013 Kim Grossman If I were to engage in the activities HSBC has admitted to, the US Government would put me so deep into the prison system that you would have to pump sunlight to me. It seems to me that we need more sunlight More....
16369 Thu Jan 31 18:14:07 EST 2013 Daniel Wiest
16368 Thu Jan 31 18:14:07 EST 2013 Leone Olson
16367 Thu Jan 31 18:14:05 EST 2013 Robert Zeid A man gets 30 years for plotting a terrorist attack. A banker at HSBC who financed the attack gets a bonus, a book deal, and a mock reprimand. And you wonder why people are outraged at this selective More....
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