Tax the Bonuses!

Drawing of a grinning, cigar-smoking banker with a huge dollar sign coming out of his back pocket.Wall Street is giving outrageous a bad name.

Wall Street firms are preparing to pay $145 billion in bonuses and compensation to many of the same executives and traders who caused the financial crisis.

That's our money, and we can take it back!

Sign the petition below and tell Congress to tax the Wall Street bonuses.

And get the word out to friends, family and coworkers today!


Petition to Tax the Bonuses

Wall Street remains in business only because it has benefited, and continues to benefit, from trillions of dollars in public supports. The billions that Wall Street is now preparing to pay itself in bonuses come, in a very real sense, out of the pockets of We, The People.

The rationale for rescuing the financial sector from itself was never to enable Wall Street executives and traders to pull down eight-figure bonuses. These bonuses reflect not a return to prudent lending to the real economy, but a return to the worst speculative excesses of the past.

These firms destroyed their own businesses, survived only because of taxpayer support, and devastated the national and global economy. How can they possibly be paying mega-bonuses?

We strongly urge you to impose a steep tax on Wall Street's outrageous bonuses.

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