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Number Date Name Share your reasons for boycotting BP.
11394 May 23, 2010 Anonymous
11393 May 23, 2010 they are responsible for murder, of humans and wildlife, and they need to take that responsibility. I won't use their oil and I hope everyone does the same.
11392 May 23, 2010
11391 May 23, 2010 Anonymous The lack of care for the oil spill. More should be done to help the LA fishermans and animals.
11390 May 23, 2010 they are killing wildlife animals!!!
11389 May 23, 2010 Anonymous because they lie!
11388 May 23, 2010 They are liars. They are felons. They are sociopaths.
11387 May 23, 2010 juli McCormick Huge profits but no realistic plan of action for catastrophic spills is a crime. They do not deserve our patronage in ANY way for annihilating our environment and livelihoods of so many. They are liars and manipulators with no moral conscience and should not be paid for their irresponsibility and for causing this apocaliptic disaster.
11386 May 23, 2010 Jon Obermeyer
11384 May 23, 2010 Bad management. Blind. A lack of respect for the planet and life on earth.
11383 May 23, 2010 Edward Zelonis
11382 May 23, 2010 Anonymous Big business intent on only one thing - PROFIT. 3 months my a_s! I will NEVER spend another cent of my money at any BP facility. They have destroyed our gulf. A very sincere go-to-hell to anyone working with/for BP. Oh Yeah - another thank you to our entire corrupt, so-called, 'government'. What a waste of human flesh they all are. One month already and NO govt action to stop the destruction. What do they actually do in Washington? I'm almost to the point of asking - Does Canada still accept immigrants?
11381 May 23, 2010 John Pogacnik Environmental concerns, slow response to the problem
11380 May 23, 2010
11379 May 23, 2010
11378 May 23, 2010 Anonymous I did some research. After clicking on the link below I read:
"BP has paid Chief Executive Officer, John Browne, shares worth about $4 million in an annual performance bonus that covers the time when BP experienced the Texas refinery explosion and Alaska pipeline leaks."
No surprise, however, this is not a current article. It's from 2007! BP has been having terrible safety issues and devestating oil spills for years, without repercussions! It must stop! This is your third strike BP!
Now, today, the new CEO of BP, Tony Hayward, stated, and I quote:
"Don't worry about that pesky oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, BP CEO Tony Hayward says: It's "relatively tiny" compared to the "very big ocean."
Yes, he said this! The Link is also below.
Florida and the Gulf Coast States will lose their Fishing Industry and Florida's Tourism will come to hault, bankrupting the State. And this does not even touch the fact that innocent Marine Life will die and our Eco System destroyed. Will it ever return? Alaska is still experiencing problems from the Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989!
Does BP not realize, or care, what this Spill has done to us? Yet, we are expected to pay for the clean-up? Better question, how do we start?
And it baffles me why there was no plan for an Oil Spill or Explosion! NONE!
I will never purchase a BP Product again. NEVER!
11377 May 23, 2010 BP can say what they want but they are still an oil company more concerned with profit than environmental responsibility. They've now proven this to the world and we should not continue to support them.
11376 May 23, 2010 Kimberly Sucy Their refusal to switch dispersants to a less toxic method, their poorly-maintained drilling facilities, their lack of concern, and the fact that they have killed our ocean is enough reason for me.
11375 May 23, 2010 lynn dostal According to "60 Minutes" 5/16/10, BP disregarded safety and operational safeguards in the name of profits; they should be driven out of business.
11374 May 23, 2010 susan willett Third strike BP. Texas Oil Refinery, Alaskan Oil Pipeline corrision, Gulf of're OUT OF HERE!!!
11373 May 23, 2010 Laquita Christian I live on the Gulf Coast. By putting profit over safety 11 people are dead and countless others may not be able to feed their families. I want just one of those people (BP execs)to say we messed up and we are sorry.
11372 May 23, 2010 Anonymous Hello,

I am boycotting BP and all oil companies starting immediately. I will walk or ride my bike to places I want to go. BP has done nothing for the environment and has refused to clean up any of its huge messes. I cannot tolerate a corporation stomping over the rights of wildlife and people. Since oil was discovered more than 100 years ago, everyone in some way has been negatively affected by this industry. I want to show with my small insignificant voice that my dollars will not support corruption any more. BP should and will be punished. BP will go down and lose billions of dollars. I am against all corporations that want to be treated like individuals with rights, but refuse to honor any of the rights of other (real) individual human beings. They are like Goliath and the people are David. BP will go down. This is my hope.

Thank You,

11371 May 23, 2010 the rape of the Gulf of Mexico in the name of profit
11370 May 23, 2010 I want a cleaner world and safer for the kids of the future
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