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Sign our petition to demand an end to forced arbitration! When consumers and employees are forced into unchecked arbitration just to get a job or use a service or product, the law flies out the window, and companies can avoid accountability.

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Forced arbitration allows companies to play by their own rules and escape accountability when they harm consumers and employees.

I am troubled that even if you refuse to sign a contract but show up for work or use a product or service, you can lose even the option of going to court. People who have been harmed by discrimination, negligence, defective products or scams should not be forced into arbitration.

I strongly support legislation to end the practice of forcing employees and consumers to sign away their rights to legal protections and access to the courts. The Arbitration Fairness Act would make mandatory binding arbitration unenforceable in civil rights, employment, consumer, and franchise disputes, but would not eliminate voluntary arbitration agreed to after a dispute arises.

It’s time to put a stop to companies avoiding accountability. Congress should enact the Arbitration Fairness Act now to protect the rights of employees and consumers.

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