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  • **INTRODUCTION** We should all be concerned about forced arbitration, a practice commonly used by corporations to evade accountability and take advantage of employees and consumers. Anyone who has insurance, a credit card, a cell phone, cable service, a retirement account, a student loan, or a loved one in a nursing home has likely been forced to give up the right to a judge or jury.

  • ● Forced arbitration forfeits your constitutional right to legal recourse when you get a job or use a product or service.

  • ● Forced arbitration allows powerful industries to escape responsibility for negligence.

  • ● Forced arbitration allows employers to escape accountability for unlawful discrimination and harassment.

  • ● Forced arbitration severely limits consumer and employee options for resolving a dispute. Before any problem arises, you lock yourself into only one option—forced arbitration—for resolving all future disputes or problems.

  • ● With forced arbitration, we are handing over our rights to corporate America. Arbitration is a private system without an impartial judge, a jury of your peers, and an appeal.

  • ● There is no public review of decisions to ensure that arbitrators make the right decisions. Federal law does not require that arbitrators have legal training or even follow the law. We need to a system that is transparent and accountable to the public for a change.

  • ● Forced arbitration preys on our most vulnerable citizens, such as the elderly. Nursing homes use these hidden clauses to force the elderly to sign away their rights before providing care. It’s time to put an end to this abusive practice.

  • **CLOSING** It's time to end forced arbitration. The Arbitration Fairness Act would level the playing field by returning the right to choose to go to court or arbitration to consumers and employees. [INSERT YOUR SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES HERE] should support this legislation. Isn't it time we started holding corporations accountable for what they do?