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Energy Program Take action on issues that can affect your wallet, your health and your future. Receive alerts on energy, big oil and more.

Fair Trade International trade/globalization

TRUCK_UPDATE Truck Safety (infrequent mailings)
VEHICLE_SAFETY_UPDATE Infrequent Mailings on Passenger Vehicle Safety
FUEL_ECONOMY_UPDATE Fuel Issues (infrequent mailings)
AUTO_UPDATE (infrequent mailings)
BETTERSUV_UPDATE (infrequent mailings)
Consumer Protection & Civil Justice
Money & Politics
RP Regulatory Policy (auto safety era old group)
Health Care E-mails about actions you can take regarding important health-related issues.

PCAN Public Citizen Action Network (Activist Update monthly plus critical actions)
Public Citizen's Texas Office Receive updates about our Texas office's fight for cleaner energy, cleaner government, cleaner cars, cleaner air and safe products.

Press Office Receive alerts about Public Citizen press releases, statements and recent posts on our blog, Citizen Vox.

M&P Clean Up Washington 2010 Keep up with our fight against corruption with action alerts and information about the latest scandals in Washington, D.C.

M&P Watchdog 2010 Become a citizen watchdog and help take back your government. We'll provide you with what you need to join us in waging a campaign against corruption.

CUWHeadlines Clean Up Washington Blog (occasional mailings)
StatesUpdate_AG Trade in the states State Trade (occasional mailings)
Keep Me Informed About the Wal-Mart Suit
TW Rapid Action Network Global Trade Watch Activism (mailings as needed)
AUTO_SAFETY (infrequent mailings)
Supreme Court Receive updates about pending petitions of public interest before each Supreme Court conference, the meeting where the Justices decide which cases to hear.

Safe and Clean Transportation

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Public Citizen, Inc. and Public Citizen Foundation

Together, two separate corporate entities called Public Citizen, Inc. and Public Citizen Foundation, Inc., form Public Citizen. Both entities are part of the same overall organization, and this Web site refers to the two organizations collectively as Public Citizen.

Although the work of the two components overlaps, some activities are done by one component and not the other. The primary distinction is with respect to lobbying activity. Public Citizen, Inc., an IRS § 501(c)(4) entity, lobbies Congress to advance Public Citizen’s mission of protecting public health and safety, advancing government transparency, and urging corporate accountability. Public Citizen Foundation, however, is an IRS § 501(c)(3) organization. Accordingly, its ability to engage in lobbying is limited by federal law, but it may receive donations that are tax-deductible by the contributor. Public Citizen Inc. does most of the lobbying activity discussed on the Public Citizen Web site. Public Citizen Foundation performs most of the litigation and education activities discussed on the Web site.

You may make a contribution to Public Citizen, Inc., Public Citizen Foundation, or both. Contributions to both organizations are used to support our public interest work. However, each Public Citizen component will use only the funds contributed directly to it to carry out the activities it conducts as part of Public Citizen’s mission. Only gifts to the Foundation are tax-deductible. Individuals who want to join Public Citizen should make a contribution to Public Citizen, Inc., which will not be tax deductible.

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