Stop the NAFTA Expansion to Peru -- Take Action Now!

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In the congressional elections last November, Americans loudly rejected the Bush administration's more-of-the-same NAFTA expansion trade policy. Nonetheless, on November 8 the House of Representatives approved a NAFTA expansion to the South American country of Peru, over the protests and "NO" votes of a majority of the Democrats in that body. Now this Peru NAFTA expansion moves to the Senate for a vote.

The Peru NAFTA expansion is bad enough on its own. But if this deal passes easily, there are unfair trade deals with Panama, Colombia and South Korea that are lined up to follow in a slippery slope of NAFTA expansion.

Please use the form below to let your senators know that you want them to make sure there are no more Bush NAFTA expansion agreements, and instead you expect Congress to chart a NEW course for trade and globalization.

This form will send the letter to both of your Senators.

For more information about the Peru, Panama and Colombia FTAs, click here:

February 21, 2020


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