It’s Not too Late! Tell Your Rep. to Put Toy Safety First!

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is supposed to monitor and protect us from dangerous toys and thousands of other products, but it doesn’t have the same power as other regulatory agencies. The result: deadly toys and products on our shelves and in our homes.

On Thursday, December 12, the House Committee on Energy and Commerce did not pass amendments that Public Citizen activists demanded be added to the “Consumer Product Safety Modernization Act” (H.R 4040). The bill must at least bring the CPSC up to capacity and:
  • Give the public more access to information on dangerous products;
  • Give the CPSC power to recall products quickly and protect us from toys produced overseas; and
  • Increase the penalties for manufacturers that break the law. 
Representatives Edward Markey, Jan Schakowsky and Anna Eshoo should be commended for their efforts in trying to improve the bill. But the Democratic leadership on the committee has cut a deal with the Republicans to pass a watered-down, industry-friendly bill.  Are most of the committee members really more interested in protecting industry profits and their campaign contributions than consumers?

But it’s not too late! The committee will take the bill up again this Tuesday.

Now is our time to address the real concerns of parents and consumers. Use the form below to edit a letter to your representative and demand Congress put some muscle back into the inept CPSC.

June 02, 2020


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