Reject Any Attempt to Weaken Consumer Safety!

Last summer, we asked Congress to pass a law that would ensure that only safe products would be sold in the American marketplace. Congress answered the call and overwhelmingly passed the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), which was signed into law in August. The new law brought a number of much-needed and overdue protections for everyday consumers and their children, such as making sure children’s toys are tested and free from lead and other toxic chemicals.

But now, improved product safety is under attack. Industry groups are trying to repeal our hard-won safety standards.

Critical consumer protections must be implemented, not undermined.  Attempts to amend the law could allow defective and dangerous products - from lead-painted toys to vacuum cleaners that catch fire - to stay on resellers' shelves. Industry groups claim that amending the law will help small businesses, but the CPSC can address small businesses' concerns without putting consumers at risk. In fact, any weakening of the safety standards would likely harm businesses because consumers are wary of buying products that could be unsafe.

We need you to stand up for product safety. Tell your members of Congress to reject any effort to repeal or weaken the consumer product safety law today!

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June 02, 2020


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