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The myopia in Congress is stunning. It is clear that NAFTA and NAFTA-like policies implemented in Central and South America by the IMF and World Bank have wiped out millions of campesino farmers' livelihoods and caused economic crises that have forced millions to migrate to the United States. Yet some Republican leaders in Congress continue to press for expanding NAFTA — while decrying "illegal" immigration.

Petition to Congress:

"It is important for our country to debate immigration policies. But any meaningful discussion or policy must address the root causes of migration. This includes "free trade" policies that have devastated the rural economies of Latin America, leading to millions losing their livelihoods and the doubling of undocumented immigrants from Mexico since NAFTA.

Any serious approach to the immigration issues requires that the U.S. change its broken trade policy. Trade policy should improve standards of living, not cause a jump in poverty and desperate migration. I urge you to oppose the proposed U.S.-Peru, U.S.-Panama and U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreements and any further expansion of the NAFTA model, with its well-documented record of economic damage and dislocation here and abroad."

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April 05, 2020

For Immigration Reform, Start by Blocking NAFTA Expansion to Peru, Panama and Colombia

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