The White House decided to give Dudley a recess appointment. Click here to send a message to Congress that this is unacceptable... Congress must start investigations to make sure Dudley isn't putting us all at risk. The air we breathe depends on it!

Tell the White House

that Susan Dudley is a rotten egg:

The Senate is out for Easter recess now. Which means the White House might be planning to hide a rotten egg - by giving out a recess appointment to a stinker like Susan Dudley.

Dudley spent her career arguing that if we truly valued protections like air bags or privacy rights, then corporations would already be giving them to us... so there's no need for any regulation to protect us.

Bush nominated her to an office where she would have power to weaken and eliminate all those pesky regulations, like air bags and privacy rights, that Dudley thinks we don't really need.

Your calls and letters to the Senate last year were successful: the Susan Dudley nomination wasn't even allowed to leave the committee. And the Republican Senator who chaired that committee last year actually told the press that while the president could always send the nomination back in 2007... but it would just be a waste of time.

So did Bush learn his lesson? Nope. Bush is at it again in 2007 -- nominating, once again, Susan Dudley to become the regulatory czar.

But even that wasn't enough: while the Senate is looking again at her nomination, Bush decided to put her in power through the backdoor, by making her a "senior advisor," so that she can go ahead and do the job that the Senate decided last year she shouldn't be allowed to do.

Tell the Bush Administration, "Do NOT appoint Susan Dudley during the Senate recess!"


 UPDATE:  On April 4, President Bush announced that he was ignoring the  public's many concerns and gave Dudley a recess appointment.  Instead of using the letter below to the White House, please click here to send a message to Congress that you think the recess appointment is an outrage.


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May 21, 2019


Dear Mr. President:

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