Demand That Paul Ryan Leave Medicare Alone

Sign the Petition Opposing Paul Ryan and the Congressional Republicans’ Plan to End Medicare as We Know It

Paul Ryan and too many other members of Congress pretend that Medicare cuts are necessitated by a concern that the program could bankrupt our country.

But the reality is that corporate stooges and anti-progressives in Congress have always wanted to dismantle Medicare, despite — or maybe because of? — its unassailable success.

So now they’re exploiting our nation’s economic anxieties to manufacture a false crisis that gives them cover to go after Medicare.

We have a very simple response: Leave Medicare alone.

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This petition is no longer active.
26-50 of 21675 signatures
Number Date Name
21650 Sun Apr 28 00:05:25 EDT 2013 Haven C
21649 Thu Apr 25 19:09:53 EDT 2013 Laura L Wrixon
21648 Thu Apr 25 00:51:13 EDT 2013 Carol Patton
21647 Tue Apr 23 13:57:06 EDT 2013 Michele Balfour You just don't get it, do you, Ryan? You & the Rombot were not elected because both of you are despised because your ultimate goal is to destroy our country & sell it to the obscenely greedy pigs who More....
21646 Mon Apr 22 02:22:27 EDT 2013 Katherine Dumont A responsible nation cares for its poorest and neediest citizens! Shame on you for putting special interests ahead of compassion and common sense: Medicare is a well-run and cost-effective program. I'd More....
21645 Sun Apr 21 01:31:43 EDT 2013 Lilia Aguirre
21644 Thu Apr 18 19:29:44 EDT 2013 donald kokkonen
21643 Wed Apr 17 05:38:37 EDT 2013 Loren Sterman
21642 Tue Apr 16 17:15:56 EDT 2013 Juliana Ley
21641 Tue Apr 16 15:48:34 EDT 2013 Lynn Walker
21640 Sun Apr 14 04:52:51 EDT 2013 joann butkus
21639 Sat Apr 13 17:06:40 EDT 2013 Ruth Gollobin
21638 Fri Apr 12 10:11:47 EDT 2013 Beth Drewelow
21637 Fri Apr 12 00:11:23 EDT 2013 Edward Crouch
21636 Wed Apr 10 22:38:08 EDT 2013 E B We need to change one word in the Medicare law: change minimum age from 65 years to 65 seconds! Then all U.S. citizens & legal residents will be covered from the day they're born till the day they die. More....
21635 Tue Apr 09 13:24:40 EDT 2013 Anonymous Leave Medicare and social security alone!!!!!!!!!
21634 Mon Apr 08 10:21:20 EDT 2013 Anne Askren
21633 Mon Apr 08 00:06:35 EDT 2013 Heidi Langston
21632 Sun Apr 07 19:18:08 EDT 2013 JOANN OCKERLANDER
21631 Sun Apr 07 17:58:30 EDT 2013 Sharon Vieth
21630 Sun Apr 07 11:31:56 EDT 2013 Mary-Jane Carlos
21629 Sat Apr 06 21:55:23 EDT 2013 philip patterson
21628 Sat Apr 06 11:54:17 EDT 2013 Brenda Philipsen
21627 Sat Apr 06 00:46:26 EDT 2013 Bennie Carnahan
21626 Thu Apr 04 18:11:49 EDT 2013 MIKE BUSHAW
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