Veto That!

Petition Urging President Obama to Veto Bills that Would Roll Back Consumer, Environmental, Financial, Health and Safety, Voting and Workplace Protections

Extremists in Congress will spend the next two years pushing legislation to benefit the billionaire and Big Business powers that got them elected.

President Barack Obama will be our last line of defense.

Sign our petition urging President Obama to use the veto power our founders wisely provided, for exactly this reason, whenever a bad bill lands on his desk.

President Obama,

Veto that!

For the remainder of your time in office, the Mitch McConnell-John Boehner Congress will send you bill after bill after bill that puts corporate profits before the needs of everyday Americans.

They will disingenuously allege “bipartisanship,” “compromise,” “freedom” and “jobs.”

They will roll out a Big Business wish list of legislation that would roll back consumer, environmental, financial, health and safety, voting, workplace and other vital protections and programs.

They will plot to undo and undermine policies that make America and Americans better off.

And you will be the last line of defense.

So when it comes to reactionary and regressive legislation, we implore you, each and every time:

Veto that!

22707 total signers.