Stop the Attacks on Public Protections

Tell Your Senators to VOTE NO on S. 1536 and S. 189


McConnell’s Senate has queued up two more dangerously deregulatory bills masquerading as “reasonable” reforms.

America needs strong, commonsense safeguards that hold corporations accountable when they break the law and prevent profit-hungry corporations from ripping off consumers, exploiting workers, polluting our environment and devastating our financial system.

Fight back: Make sure your Senators know you want them to VOTE NO on S. 1536 and S. 189.

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Next Step

Follow up your email with a call! To reach the Capitol switchboard, dial 1-888-291-9824. Ask to be connected your representative's office, and tell the person who answers you are a constituent and that you want your member of Congress to VOTE NO on S. 1536 and S. 189.

What do S. 1536 and S. 189 do?

S. 189 is known as the “Unfunded Mandates Information and Transparency Act.”

Among this damaging legislation’s provisions is a requirement that regulators invite reckless corporations to weaken or kill new safeguards before the proposals are even shared with the public.

S. 1536 is called the “Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Improvements Act.”

It would add duplicative layers of analysis to agency workloads and require agencies to prioritize lessening “indirect” impacts on small businesses over what scientific and economic evidence shows would most benefit the public.

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