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Tell Your Senators to Vote NO on Any Bill that Attempts to Undermine the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau


The CFPB has recovered millions for military families that were overcharged during the housing crisis. It has shed light on the unethical practices of private debt collectors. And it is even poised to address forced arbitration clauses (the fine print banks use to prevent you from taking them to court if they rip you off).

So of course, Wall Street and its puppets in Congress are bent on defunding, defanging and destroying the agency, and House Republicans have already proposed a slew of bills to do just that.

Now we must rely on principled Democrats and reform-minded Republicans in the Senate to block these destructive House bills.

Sign the Petition to Your Senators: Vote No On Any Attempt To Weaken the CFPB


“We the undersigned call on our senators to block any and all legislative attempts to undermine the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s ability to protect consumers.”

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5340 2.5 years ago erin Yarrobino
5339 3.5 years ago E B
5338 4.3 years ago Michael Pigott
5337 4.4 years ago eileen osmond savdié
5336 4.4 years ago Todd Williams
5335 4.5 years ago Justin Mendoza
5334 4.9 years ago Shanovia "Navee" Escoe
5333 4.9 years ago James Harris
5332 4.9 years ago Chadd Ferron
5331 4.9 years ago Michael Trier
5330 4.9 years ago Robert Geyer Unless of course you too are in the pocket of the Too Big to Jail Banks.
5329 4.9 years ago Anthony J Artuso Sr
5328 4.9 years ago Donna Netusil
5327 4.9 years ago Elmer Ollikkala The CFPB should be strengthened not weakened!
5326 4.9 years ago Sue Shelton
5325 4.9 years ago charlene perry
5324 4.9 years ago Donna Gleaves We ask for Your NO vote on any bill to undermine the CFPB.
5323 4.9 years ago Ryan Keane
5322 4.9 years ago Kendra CongdonWieser
5321 4.9 years ago Eileen Tisdale
5320 4.9 years ago Lynn Ketchum Since Wall Street won't police themselves Congress must. Congress is beholden to all the taxpayers not just those on Wall Street and the big banks.
5319 4.9 years ago Patricia DeLuca
5318 5 years ago Ray Uriarte
5317 5 years ago Brett Dennison
5316 5 years ago Robin Mead
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