Urge the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to Take Immediate Steps to Improve Reactor Safety

The Japan nuclear crisis has exposed many of the risks and vulnerabilities of nuclear power. That’s why it’s critical that every effort is made to strengthen nuclear reactor safety standards and oversight.

In July 2011 — four months after a natural disaster triggered the failure of three reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant — the NRC issued a proposal to increase the safety of reactors in the U.S.

Three and a half years later, not a single one of the 12 key safety recommendations made by the Fukushima Near-Term Task Force has been implemented.

Sign the Petition Urging the NRC to Improve Nuclear Safety

We the undersigned call on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to immediate enforce the 12 key safety recommendations made by the Fukushima Near-Term Task Force. Without serious improvements to nuclear safety standards, what happened in Japan could happen in the United States. One third of Americans live within 50 miles of a nuclear reactor. These recommendations represent a good first step in preventing a nuclear catastrophe in the United States and protecting the millions who would be affected.

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