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294 4.1 years ago Michael Dzurisin The founding fathers and mothers would want money out of politics!!
293 4.1 years ago Michael Dzurisin
292 4.1 years ago Teresa Ashley
291 4.1 years ago Margaret Hashmi
290 4.2 years ago J. L. Cassidy I am a proud stamper of stamp money out of politics. Keep on stamping until we win.
289 4.2 years ago Beth Shapiro
288 4.2 years ago Tracy Mott I wanted to sign the petition, but I won't be able to participate in the call.
287 4.2 years ago Philip Dooley
286 4.2 years ago Lucy Parker
285 4.2 years ago Denise Ann Kennedy Taking $ out of politics is so important & wud also help void corruption.
284 4.2 years ago vincent kelly March 6 town hall call instructions‏ why did I receive this email on March 8 ?
nice work
283 4.2 years ago diane nero website rergiister/commonwealth of va 211586771/adminstration/agent/consitution rits[1997]1996][1994][19]dominion account 0449853597/county of henico acount 0035951-00269...
282 4.2 years ago Anonymous When do we start a petition to end money for political reasons from any business, or special interest groups of any kind. When do we get people elected to represent the people's best interest and n...
281 4.2 years ago james Smiley How come I wasn't made aware of this event until Sunday March, 08?
280 4.2 years ago william york I want my money back#
279 4.2 years ago william york I want my money back#
278 4.2 years ago Piazza
277 4.2 years ago Suzanne Are there any protests happening in CT?
276 4.2 years ago B MacDonald
275 4.2 years ago Jeanne Thatcher Its Time!!!
274 4.2 years ago jessie sears
273 4.2 years ago Anonymous
272 4.2 years ago Marit Anderson
271 4.2 years ago Sally Nelson
270 4.2 years ago Anne Lemke oh yeah, we stamped ourselves silly here. What a brilliant idea....thanks so much for leading this worthwhile cause!!
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