Texas Senate Proposes to Weaken Enforcement of Ethics Laws

Senate Bill 10 Would Put Hurdles in the Way of Enforcement Against Texas Politicians

Senate Bill 10 is a terrible piece of legislation that would make it easier for state elected officials, state employees and lobbyists to get away with violations of ethics laws.

Texas politicians are making it clear that they care more about protecting themselves and their lobbyist friends than protecting the people of Texas.

Senate Bill 10 will be up for a vote on the Senate floor any day now. Apparently Texas politicians think Texans aren’t watching. But we are and we’re calling on you to help us stop this terrible bill from passing.

We don’t need more wasted tax dollars on agency scandals and giveaways for political donors. And we don’t need state agencies and politicians to be even friendlier to industry and even less responsive to the people of Texas.

Email Your State Senator to Oppose Senate Bill 10

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