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Tell Your Senators to Vote NO on Any Bill that Attempts to Undermine the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau


The CFPB has recovered millions for military families that were overcharged during the housing crisis. It has shed light on the unethical practices of private debt collectors. And it is even poised to address forced arbitration clauses (the fine print banks use to prevent you from taking them to court if they rip you off).

So of course, Wall Street and its puppets in Congress are bent on defunding, defanging and destroying the agency, and House Republicans have already proposed a slew of bills to do just that.

Now we must rely on principled Democrats and reform-minded Republicans in the Senate to block these destructive House bills.

Sign the Petition to Your Senators: Vote No On Any Attempt To Weaken the CFPB


“We the undersigned call on our senators to block any and all legislative attempts to undermine the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s ability to protect consumers.”

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5315 4.8 years ago Larry and MaryEllen Dick
5314 4.8 years ago Gary West
5313 4.8 years ago Sandra Warren
5312 4.8 years ago Scott Seppi
5311 4.8 years ago Clifford Browne
5310 4.8 years ago Michael BULL The CFPB has shed light on the unethical practices of private debt collectors - we need this agency to develop and do more for ALL Americans.
5309 4.8 years ago amina boumechal
5308 4.8 years ago Nancy Sullivan
5307 4.8 years ago James Richmond
5306 4.8 years ago Christopher Mills
5305 4.8 years ago Vanessa Rudin
5304 4.8 years ago Michael Sullivan
5303 4.8 years ago Deborah Efron
5302 4.8 years ago Arlo Ryan-Keohane
5301 4.8 years ago gloria taber
5300 4.8 years ago Nicola Crawford
5299 4.8 years ago David Yeats
5298 4.8 years ago Morita Bruce After months and months of constantly trying to make Bank of America correct their errors, Desperate, I finally contacted CFPB for help. Two days later, CFPB told BoA to correct their mistakes and ...
5297 4.8 years ago Brett Anderson Protect the CFPB!
5296 4.8 years ago Michael Forrest It is important that ordinary people have protection against unfair business practices and that Congress assumes the role of protecting the people who vote.
5295 4.8 years ago Hal Trufan
5294 4.8 years ago Hal Trufan
5293 4.8 years ago Emily Orme-Johnson The CFPB is working! Don't weaken it, strengthen it!
5292 4.8 years ago Gregory Garduno It has been open season on American consumers for decades. The CFPB has done great work to protect us from the predations of Big Business. The CFPB should NOT be weakened--it should be strengthened!
5291 4.8 years ago John Skopin
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