Slap Away the Corporate Pickpockets

Support the Department of Labor Efforts to Require Financial Advisers Who Provide Retirement Investment Advice to Put Their Clients’ Interests First


Outdated rules allow many financial advisors to put their own self-interest and the profits of their corporate bosses before the best interests of their customers.

The Department of Labor announced it would update the rules so ALL financial advisers who provide retirement investment advice are required to put their customers’ interests first.

Slap away the corporate pickpockets: Add your name to Public Citizen’s petition in support of the commonsense Department of Labor efforts made public today.

Tell the Department of Labor:


Require ALL financial advisers who provide retirement investment advice to put their customers’ interests first!

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11536 4.6 years ago Peter Scott
11535 4.6 years ago Linda Carroll
11534 4.6 years ago Mark Teig
11533 4.6 years ago Janet Fiore Stop these rapers of the American public.
11532 4.6 years ago Sri Maddukuri
11531 4.6 years ago Terry Arndt
11530 4.7 years ago Dennis DeMarinis
11529 4.7 years ago Robert Walter
11528 4.7 years ago William Looney
11527 4.7 years ago beth gehman
11526 4.7 years ago Sue Jackson
11525 4.7 years ago kaitlin fitch
11524 4.7 years ago Ken Meersand
11523 4.7 years ago Margaret S. Maurin
11522 4.7 years ago Liana Walczak
11521 4.7 years ago laura raforth
11520 4.7 years ago Lance McCold
11519 4.7 years ago Madeline Shapiro
11518 4.7 years ago John Manis
11517 4.7 years ago Lodiza Lepore
11516 4.7 years ago Ace Hull
11515 4.7 years ago Rondel Lashley
11514 4.7 years ago Linda Roberts
11513 4.7 years ago Nancy Cantalupo
11512 4.7 years ago Gayle Smith
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