Stop the El Paso Electric Attack on Solar

Tell the El Paso City Council to Keep Solar Growing in the Sun City

El Paso Electric – the for-profit monopoly utility – is determined to prevent customers from using solar power at their homes. Less than a year after giving up on its last attempt to raise rates for customers with solar installations on their homes, the utility has filed another proposal to do the same thing.

The company is trying to improve its image by running TV ads about its community solar program, but that is just a distraction. The utility wants people to pay more to buy into the community solar program instead of reducing their bills by putting solar on their own homes.

At the same time El Paso Electric is attacking solar customers, it also is trying to again raise rates for all customers because it spent hundreds of millions on investments in fossil fuel power plants. Clearly, dirty energy isn’t keeping bills low.

Solar energy is now being used in homes and businesses across the country to keep bills low. Use of this technology is finally picking up in El Paso – which has more solar resources than almost anywhere else in the United States.

The city of El Paso will be a key player in the El Paso Electric rate case. We need to make sure protecting solar customers is one of its priorities, along with keeping rates affordable for everyone.

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