Pass a Clean Budget Bill with No Poison Pill Riders

Instead of doing their jobs, conservative lawmakers are threatening to put unrelated, controversial issues into spending bills.

These poison pill riders are partisan corporate giveaways that would lead to cuts to healthcare, education, financial safety, and other priorities for working families.

Rolling back Wall Street reforms, blocking clean air and water protections, and hiding corporate political spending have nothing to do with funding our government.

These stocking stuffers for special interests should have no place in a budget. Urge Congress to do the right thing.

Petition Congress to Pass a Clean Budget Bill

Do not include special interest poison pills in this year’s spending bills. The appropriations process is supposed to be about funding our government – not sneaking through special favors for corporate lobbyists.

Even if you agree with them, provisions that roll back Wall Street reform, block clean air and water protections, and prevent consumer rip-offs do not belong in government funding bills.