Tell Congress: No Citizens United 2.0 Provisions in the Must-Pass Spending Bill

Conservatives in Congress are trying to insert a package of Citizens United 2.0 provisions into the spending bill that would:

  • Block enforcement of the Johnson Amendment, which would allow a brand new stream of tax-deductible dark money to flow through churches and charities into our political system;
  • Stop the SEC from requiring companies to disclose their political spending;
  • Stop the IRS from creating clear definitions of nonprofit engagement in politics;
  • Loosen coordination rules between candidates and parties, letting even more money into our system; and
  • Prohibit federal contractors from being required to disclose their political donations.

Help Stop This: Add Your Name Now

We the People call on Congress to remove the Citizens United 2.0 package of anti-democracy riders from the must-pass spending bill immediately.

The last thing our democracy needs is another Citizens United maneuver that gives more power to megadonors and corporations, and enables more dark money in our elections.