Sign the Petition: No New ISDS Case

Multinational fish farm corporation Cooke Aquaculture has threatened to bring a new NAFTA ISDS case against a Washington state environmental law. It said U.S. taxpayers should fork over $76 million, plus lost expected profits if the law goes into effect. Well, the law is going into effect. And Cooke could launch its ISDS case any day.

Experiences from past ISDS threats have shown that public pressure can force companies to back down to avoid a PR nightmare.

To protect the new law, which was hard won by tribes and other activists fighting to protect native salmon and local bays and rivers in Washington state, we need to make sure that Cooke knows that we are watching.

Sign the Petition to the Cooke Corporation:

We, the undersigned, call on you to publicly announce that you will not bring an ISDS case against Washington state’s aquaculture law. If you make any move to follow through on your threat to bring a case, we will make sure that you become the poster child for why ISDS must be eliminated in NAFTA.