Sign the Petition: Stand Against KFC’s Child Exploitation Scheme

Today, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has opened submissions for a contest through which it is actively encouraging parents to sell their newborn baby’s identity to KFC — for life.

Here’s the deal: If parents name their child “Harland” — after KFC Founder Harland “Colonel” Sanders — and agree to the terms of the contest, they’re eligible to win $11,000 toward their child’s college education.

In exchange, the winning child’s identity — including name, pictures, voice, likeness and biographical information — will be owned by KFC for advertising purposes. The company won’t provide any additional compensation or even notify the parents when the child’s likeness is used.

The “winner” is subject to a lifetime of KFC-branded identity — without the child's consent.

Add Your Name Now to Oppose KFC’s Finger-Biting Scheme

We, the undersigned, call on Kentucky Fried Chicken to stop the “Name Your Baby Harland” contest immediately.

This unethical marketing contest exploits parents’ desire to send their children to college and signs children up for a lifetime of forced marketing for KFC.