Attend a Patriotic Event on July 2 or 3 to Support the U.S. Senate Vote on a Constitutional Amendment

Overturn McCutcheon and Citizens United

The U.S. Senate is taking a historic vote this summer on a constitutional amendment that would stem the tide of money from the mega-corporations and ultra-wealthy in our elections. 

Members of Congress are home for July 4th recess from June 27 until July 7. It is essential that we show support for the vote while they are home. On July 2 and 3, we will be holding events throughout the nation to celebrate the vote. 

Attend an event at the local district office of your senator. It can be as simple as delivering an oversized printout of the U.S. Constitution, or as fun as dressing up in patriotic outfits and/or as millionaires and billionaires and putting on a skit.

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