Protect Our Food Safety and Worker Health

In 2014, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) rejected attempts by the poultry industry to increase the line speed for processing plants above the already high 140 birds per minute. Under the Trump administration, the industry is trying again — putting consumers and workers at risk.

A new investigation by the Government Accountability Office confirms long-standing concerns by workers and their advocates about the dangerous conditions that poultry workers must endure, ranging from widespread chemical exposure to being denied bathroom breaks.

Those conditions are exacerbated by the fast line speeds, which can cause chronic health problems, including carpal tunnel syndrome (from repetitive movement) and other debilitating disorders. Further, at fast line speeds, workers often miss fecal contamination and diseases on chicken carcasses.

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I oppose this attempt to get rid of speed limitations for chicken lines.

This proposal is dangerous for workers and consumers.

We have a right to know that our food is free of contamination.